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  Title Year
  Glaciers in Iowa
     Approximatey one million years ago, glaciers ...
Approximatey One Million Years Ago
  The Bering Land Bridge
     About one million years ago nomad hunters ...
Approximatey One Million Years Ago
  Ancient Tools of Iowa
     Approximately 12,000 years ago ancient ...
Approximately 12,000 Years Ago
  Archaeologists Uncover Treasures
     Archaeologists uncover artifacts left behind ...
Approximately 12,000 Years Ago
  Early Iowans and the Bison
     Approximately 12,000 years ago bison were ...
Approximately 12,000 Years Ago
  Food of Ancient Iowans
     Approximately 12,000 years ago, ancient ...
Approximately 12,000 Years Ago
  Humans Cross the Bering Land Bridge
     Approximately 12,000 years ago nomadic hunters ...
Approximately 12,000 Years Ago
  Burial Mounds
     Approximately 2,500 years ago Indian burial ...
Approximately 2,500 Years Ago
  Pottery Brings Change
     Approximately 2,500 years ago ancient Iowans ...
Approximately 2,500 Years Ago
  Iowans Begin Raising Food
     Approximately 2,000 years ago Indians transitioned ...
Approximately 2,000 Years Ago
  Iowa's Leadership in Resettling Southeast Asian Refugees
     The state of Iowa was a leader in resettling ...
  Indians Use Bows and Arrows
     The bow and arrow advanced hunting abilities ...
  Iowans Give Up Nomad Life
     Early Iowans began to give up their nomad ...
  European Explorers Meet Early Iowans
     The first European explorers met the native ...
Early 1500's
  Spanish Meet Indians
     In the early 1500s the Spanish were the ...
Early 1500's
  Early French Explorers Visit Iowa
     Although the area wasn't called Iowa at ...
  Europeans Come to Iowa
     In 1673 European explorers, Marquette and ...
  Explorers Meet Iowa Natives
     French explorers Marquette and Joliet reached ...
  La Salle Claims Land for France
     French explorer, Rene-Robert Cavelier de ...
  Conflict Between Cultures
     From the 1670s to the 1870s European and ...
  French and Early Iowans
     In the early 1700s the French formed relationships ...
Early 1700's
  Indian Tribes of Iowa
     A summary of Indian tribes who inhabited ...
  Influence of European Culture
     The influence of European culture changed ...
  Land Ownership
     In the early 1700s Europeans and native ...
Early 1700's
  Dubuque Seeks Opportunity
     A French-Canadian named Julien Dubuque reached ...
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Displaying 1 to 25 of 305 results.

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