IPTV History - 1980s

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  • The agency was cut 3.6% in operating budget plus an additional 1.0%.


  • The Board accepted a 7.1 acre grant of land from Pioneer Hi-Bred International for a new IPBN facility with contingency that the network raise three million dollars to build a facility within three years.


  • Network name was changed by Board to Iowa Public Television.
  • Agricultural Infodata Service (AIDS) was added.
  • General Educational Development (GED) High School Equivalency Courses were offered.
  • New logo was designed for network.
  • Bussard/Dikis Architects were hired to design a new building.
  • April 20 marked the first meeting of the newly established Iowa Public Television Foundation Board. The general objective was to solicit and manage gifts of money and/or property for the purpose of granting gifts/money to Iowa Public Television.


  • On May 16 Governor Branstad signed a bill creating the Iowa Department of Public Broadcasting. The board name was changed to the Iowa Public Broadcasting Board. Until this time, the network had been under the General Services Department.
  • On June 20 Governor Branstad kicked off the News Line Service for the hearing impaired.
  • Construction was completed for
    • Channel 14 Decorah K14AF
    • Channel 41 Lansing K41AD
  • They were tested in December and on air by July.


  • On January 9, a new agreement was signed with Friends of Iowa Public Television replacing the one that expired on November 29, 1983.
  • Iowa Public Television celebrated its 15th anniversary.
  • Development, Business Office, Friends, and Field Engineering moved to space in the Waldinger Building. The Gordon Building was vacated.
  • In October the National Endowment for the Arts announced that Iowa Public Television was the recipient of a $600,000 Challenge Grant for the new building.
  • In November, the capital campaign, "Building For Iowa's Future", was kicked off at a dinner and press conference. Major gifts were announced at the meeting.
  • The Kresge Foundation made a challenge grant to the campaign of $400,000.


  • March 4, Governor Branstad signed proclamation declaring March 15 - 24 (FESTIVAL) as Iowa Public Television week.
  • Friday, March 8 - "Austin City Limits" was broadcast in stereo on Channel 11 only. March 17, the movie WOODSTOCK was also broadcast in stereo.
  • May 24, ground breaking ceremonies were held at the Green Meadows site in Johnston, Iowa and construction began immediately for new building.


  • Agricultural Infodata Service was changed to Agri-View.
  • September 8, broadcasting began from the Network Control Center in Johnston. Other departments began moving to new location at 6450 Pioneer Parkway, Johnston, Iowa 50131. (Address was changed to 6450 Corporate Drive later in the year.)
  • Under state government reorganization, Iowa Public Television was placed under the Cultural Affairs Department, but retained its autonomy and its Board because of television license.
  • On Friday, October 17, MARKET TO MARKET was produced from the new studios, the first program to be done in Johnston.


  • On Friday, January 2, MARKET TO MARKET was the first program to be uplinked to the Weststar IV satellite.
  • Senate File 162 and Senate File 333 became effective July 1, which changed the structure of the Board and included coordination of narrowcast services statewide.
  • On September 16, the PBS Engineering Committee including Don Saveraid, IPTV's Director of Engineering, was awarded an EMMY for "Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development." The specific award was for "Development in UHF Transmitter Efficiency."


  • Statewide narrowcast telecommunications system for additional educational services was mandated by legislature. (Senate File 162.)
  • At the January 12 Board meeting, Teleconnect Co. was named vendor for the backbone and telelink portion of the $60 million fiber-optic communications system to link the state's schools.


  • On March 27, the State Executive Council affirmed an administrative law judge's opinion to order Iowa Public Television to ask for new bids for a fiber-optic communications system.
  • On October 13 IPTV celebrated its 20th anniversary with a 90-minute program featuring Mark Russell, the Mirecourt Trio, and a retrospective of 20 years of broadcasting.