IPTV History - 1990s

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  • Descriptive Video Service (DVS) was introduced on AMERICAN PLAYHOUSE in February. Other series to follow included MASTERPIECE THEATRE, MYSTERY, and DEGRASSI HIGH.
  • New transmitter at Channel 12 was completed in October and turned on the weekend of October 13. It serves Eastern Iowa, represents latest in solid state technology, and provides stereo and DVS. On April 15, 1991 the contract for the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) was signed by officials of Kiewit Network Technologies Inc. and the Iowa Department of General Services.


  • At the October 15 Iowa Public Broadcasting Board meeting, a check was presented to Pioneer Hi-Bred International in the amount of $5,651,502.28 to pay off building at 6450 Corporate Drive. Earned interest in excess of the building costs was used to establish an endowment to be administered by the IPTV Foundation Board.


  • On July 1, the legislature moved IPTV from the Department of Cultural Affairs to the Department of Education.


  • Beginning with the 1993 fall semester, the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) started the school year with statewide classes on the fiber optics network.


  • The mobile unit, which began operation in 1971, proved to be technically out of date and too costly to operate. When the unit was put together in 1971 it was one of the few such trucks in the Midwest.


  • The Loess Hills Interactive Video project was put into effect in four schools in July and it was a great success. Additional staff was hired to implement other topics for this new technology.


  • Ground was broken in April for a 13,363-square-foot building across the street to accommodate overflow personnel.


  • Antiques Roadshow came to Des Moines on July 17, 1999 to see Iowans’ antiques at the Polk County Convention Complex.
  • Iowa Public Television debuted Earth Trails: Mississippi River, the first live PBS presentation done entirely in 16 x 9 widescreen format, the standard format of the digital age.
  • Iowa This Weekend celebrated its 20th season, Market to Market began its 25th season, and Living in Iowa began its 10th season.
  • IPTV hosted a live town-hall meeting with Governor Tom Vilsack during Is This the State of Our Future?