IPTV outage in Decorah

Posted: May 30, 2018

Effective May 31, 2018, Iowa Public Television's Decorah translator (K28KK-D) serving northeast Iowa will be out of service indefinitely. A full service television station serving western Wisconsin has been re-assigned to channel 28 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This reassignment is a necessary result of the spectrum auction and television station repack underway across the country to make more spectrum available for mobile communication services. FCC rules state that a full service station is a higher priority for placement over a translator, forcing IPTV to find another channel. The full power station also requested permission to make the transition to channel 28 well in advance of the scheduled change, which the FCC granted, leaving IPTV insufficient time to find a new channel. Therefore, IPTV will not have a translator signal in northeast Iowa until a new channel assignment can be finalized. Viewers with cable or satellite service will not be impacted by this service disruption. In the interim, broadcast viewers in northeast Iowa may try rescanning their televisions to receive IPTV's signal via Channel 18 from Mason City or Channel 35 from Cedar Rapids.