Making Cent$ of Retirement

Join us on Thursday, August 29 from 5-8 p.m. in the Maytag Auditorium at Iowa Public Television for this investor education and protection event.

Retirement is an important consideration for all people at any age. Attend this free investor education and protection event designed to help all Iowans make "cents" of their retirement - regardless of income, background or stage in life. The program is designed to bring together financial professionals, government officials, community-based organizations and consumers to better ensure that you - and members of your community - have the education, tools and resources to plan for a secure future.

Panelists for the discussion that will take place during the event include:

  • Doug Ommen, Iowa Insurance Commissioner
  • Amy Bentley, Harkin Institute
  • Clare Long, Consumer Credit of Des Moines
  • Mike Johnson, AO Wealth Advisory 

There will also be several exhibitors available before and after the event to speak with you about your retirement questions. These include: Iowa Insurance Division, Senior Health Insurance Information (SHIIP), AARP, Everfi, FDIC, Harkin Institute, ISU Extension, DM Partnership, College Student Aid, CFA Society and United Way of Central Iowa.

Register for your free tickets to attend this informative event.