Reports to the Community

IPTV's EEO Public File Reports

Required by the Federal Communications Commission.


FCC Online Public File

2017 Local Content and Services Report

     2017 Local Content and Services Report (PDF 253 KB) - Posted: 2/12/2018

Diversity Statement

     Diversity Statement (PDF 119 KB) - Posted: 9/15/2017

FY 2017 Annual Financial Report

     FY 2017 Annual Financial Report (PDF)

FY 2017 Audited Financial Statements

     FY 2017 Audited Financial Statements (PDF)

FY 2016 Performance Plan Results

     FY 2016 Performance Plan Results  (PDF 299 KB) - Posted: 9/29/2017


This page contains certain Public Inspection Files that are a requirement of the Federal Communications Commission. They are placed here so members of the public may have free access to these reports. These reports are also available for inspection at the offices of Iowa Public Television at 6450 Corporate Drive, Johnston, Iowa, 50131 Monday-Friday during regular work hours. Please contact Mary Bracken at (800.532.1290) for assistance with Iowa Public Television’s public file, to schedule a visit to review the public file, and for information on reproducing and copying materials of the public file.