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Thanksgiving Education Resources

posted on November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Education Resources

November is full of teachable moments. From Thanksgiving to the anniversary of the Gettysburg Address (Nov. 19), to themes that tie to Native American Heritage Week, this month houses a wealth of historical significance. Use IPTV as a springboard for classroom discussions. To help you share the importance of this holiday and the relevance of other parts of November with your students, here is a list of resources that highlight the history, stories, and themes of this season.

My Life as a Turkey (Grades 6-12)

After a local farmer left a bowl of eggs on Joe Hutto’s front porch, his life was forever changed. Hutto, possessing a broad background in the natural sciences and an interest in imprinting young animals, incubated the eggs and waited for them to hatch. As the chicks emerged from their shells, they locked eyes with an unusual but dedicated mother. One man’s remarkable experience of raising a group of wild turkey hatchlings to adulthood.

Martha's Thanksgiving (Grades K-4)

Martha is on a quest to find her family. "Martha's Thanksgiving" premieres all week long beginning November 19th on PBS KIDS. Don't miss Martha Speaks, weekdays on PBS KIDS

Harry Talks Turkey (Grades 3-8)

In this Cyberchase video clip, Harry has to fill in for a restaurant's chef and waiter when both call out sick. One of his duties is to estimate how much of each dish to make. Harry underestimates how much turkey to make and runs out of the dish. He also overestimates how much of "Grandma's Triple A Surprise" to make and ends up with an abundance of leftovers. Harry learns from another employee at the restaurant that it is useful to estimate the food according to how popular it is.

Understanding the Science of Thanksgiving (Grades 6-12)

Ever wonder how those pop-up turkey thermometers work? Or how much turkey it takes to make you sleepy? Madeleine Brand speaks with Catholic University of America chemistry professor Diane Bunce about the science of Thanksgiving.

After the Mayflower (Grades 6-12)

native americanWe Shall Remain is a groundbreaking mini-series and provocative multi-media project that establishes Native history as an essential part of American history. Five 90-minute documentaries spanning three hundred years tell the story of pivotal moments in U.S. history from the Native American perspective. Five decades of English immigration, mistreatment, lethal epidemics, and widespread environmental degradation had brought the Indians and their way of life to the brink of disaster. Led by Metacom, Massasoit’s son, the Wampanoag and their Native allies fought back against the English, nearly pushing them into the sea.

Many Thanks Givings (Grades PreK-2)

Listen to a story about Thanksgiving, and talk about Thanksgiving and some of the things the students are thankful for. Create a Thankful Turkey or Thankful Pumpkin Patch.

The Myth of Pocahontas (Grades 6-12)

How much of the Pocahontas legend is true? In this video segment, NOVA explores the historical version of the story of Pocahontas and John Smith. Students are then asked to rewrite the story based on archaeological and historical evidence.

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