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Iowa Press: School Safety and Emergency Preparedness

posted on December 26, 2012

Four R's.  Now it's reading, writing, arithmetic and refuge.

The Newtown, Connecticut, school massacre has focused the nation's attention, and the world's too, on school safety.  Most schools in America already forbid guns or anything that looks like a gun and schools also restrict and monitor who gets inside.  But leaders and parents too are asking if that is enough.  IPTV's Iowa Press asked Iowa Homeland Security Administrator Mark Schouten, Aplington-Parkersburg School Superintendent Jon Thompson and former school superintendent, now heading the Iowa Association of School Boards, Tom Downs, what can be done.

The guests share their thoughts and reactions to the massacre, discuss what changes are happening, and share ways to communicate to students and children when bad things happen.

Watch the full program here to learn more.

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