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New Teaching Channel Episode

posted on June 4, 2013

New Teaching Channel Episode

The Teaching Channel is an exciting series that highlights some of the best teaching practices that include topics such as: new teacher experience, bullying, Common Core State Standards, digital literacy, and the arts. This series is hosted by Sarah Brown Wessling who was the National Teacher of the Year for 2010. These one-hour episodes air weekly and are connected to a variety of resources that extend beyond the intriguing show itself.

The newest episode of this professional development series airs on June 9.  This episode highlights math and English as it takes a look inside high school classrooms and shows educators how they can make learning relevant.

Check out Teaching Channel's website to browse video clips that will inspire YOU as a teacher! 

A few great clips to start with:

Student-Generated Questions for Exam Prep

Students generate and analyze questions for their upcoming exam.

Teaching Channel Presents - Math and English Language Arts 

Math & English Essentials: Some may think that math and English classes have nothing in common, but as we take a look inside several high school classrooms around the country we'll see they all share a common purpose: make learning relevant.

Teaching Channel Presents - Common Core for English Language Arts

Teaching English to the Core: We'll join three teachers as they integrate the Common Core State Standards into their daily lessons.

Teaching Channel Presents - Common Core for Math

Teaching Math to the Core: Math Common Core State Standards emphasize analysis and problem solving: the how and why of every answer.

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