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TRY THIS! Summertime Learning Experiments

posted on June 26, 2013

Read on to discover ways to engage kids in fun and educational summer activities or save them for this upcoming school year! 

TRY THIS! Summertime Learning Experiments

This summer, use PBS LearningMedia’s “interactives” to experiment, manipulate, and investigate! With over 30,000 free videos, interactive games, audio clips, essays, and lesson plans, PBS LearningMedia helps you to keep learning alive all season long. Invite your students to explore velocity, temperature, fish adaptations, and climate with this collection of featured games:

Cooking with Sugar, Grades 5-8

Investigate the chemistry of candy! Find out how sugar is transformed into fudge, marshmallows, and lollipops with this interactive activity.

Balloon Blast Activity, Grades 4-8

Adjust the velocity and angle on a water-balloon catapult to illuminate the concept of ballistics and of projectile motion.

Build-a-Fish, Grades 6-8

Design your fish and release it into the reef to search for food and evade predators. Observe how each fish has unique adaptations that help it to survive.

Climate Change Challenge, Grades 6-8

Determine the causes and effects of global climate change. Help students become knowledgeable about the human impact on the environment.

What's This Stuff? Grades 6-12

Investigate the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of 10 mystery items. Can you use clues about each item's properties to guess its identity?

Remember to create a free account on PBS LearningMedia to search, save, and share your favorite resources!

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