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NOVA's Newest Lab: Clouds

posted on August 28, 2013

NOVA's Newest Lab: Clouds

NOVA has released its newest interactive lab: The Cloud Lab. The Cloud Lab gives a hands-on approach at studying meteorology, including reconstructing your own storm! At you can explore Cloud Typing, Clouds up Close, Clouds and Weather, and Clouds and Climate.

NOVA provides this great resource with outstanding images and photography for educators and those interested in clouds and meteorology. While you are there, make sure you check out the other interactive labs that NOVA has to offer!

The Sun Lab

Despite its apparently steady glow, the Sun is a churning mass of superhot plasma that regularly produces powerful flares and storms that can knock out power and communication systems here on Earth. This Lab explores what makes the Sun so volatile and gives you access to the same data, images, and tools that scientists use to predict solar storms—so that you can predict them for yourself.

The Sun Lab

The Energy Lab

For something we use every day, energy is a pretty mysterious concept. This Lab investigates what energy is, how it can be converted into useful forms, and why some sources are running low. In our Research Challenge, you'll use scientific data to design renewable energy systems for cities across the U.S.—and compete with others to see whose designs can produce the most power.

The Energy Lab

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