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Virtual Pre-K! Ready for Math

posted on September 16, 2013

Virtual Pre-K is a hands-on learning resource developed for preschool teachers, parents and their children. Created by an award-winning team of Chicago Public School teachers, Virtual Pre-K demonstrates concepts and skills taught in a preschool classroom and offers ways for parents to extend them at home and out in the community.

The virtual in Virtual Pre-K signifies that, with the right support, learning for a young child can happen virtually anywhere, and this resource shows how. Virtual Pre-K is a flexible resource that can be used for classroom and home activities, parent workshops, teacher professional development, home visits, family literacy, field trips and much more. The resource is available in a variety of printed media (printed materials, DVD and website). You can find more information about Virtual Pre-K at

In partnership with PBS, CPB and the U.S. Department of Education's Ready to Learn grant, Virtual Pre-K developed five new themes centering on early math skills.  Links to the activities and digital math games that PBS created can be found in the chart below. 


 Locations Lesson 1-Numbers and CountingLesson 2-ShapesLesson 3-Sorting it Out Lesson 4-Up, Down, All AroundLesson 5-Let's Measure
In the Classroom Activities Name Towers Shape Hunt Shoe Sort Classroom Obstacle Course Build Me A House
At Home Activities

Number Cards

Counting Around the House

Play Dough Shapes

What's in the Bag?

Home Collections

Sorting at Home

Treasure Map

Up, Down, All Around Games

Family Feet

Fill it Up!

Out & About
Numbers and Counting Shapes Sorting it Out Up, Down, All Around Let's Measure

Online Games

(located by skill)


Numbers & Counting Shapes Sorting & Classification Spatial Sense Measurement

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