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Power of the Pen: Writing Resources and Contest for Your Student

posted on November 7, 2013

Power of the Pen: Writing Resources and Contest for Your Student

Power of the Pen: PBS Kids Writing Contest!

Check out the PBS Kids writing contest and enter your students to write and illustrate their own stories. You can read stories by other students and have students use the story creation tool to write new stories! Support materials include a comprehensive Writing Guide and handouts that teach students the elements of story writing. Click here to start writing today and enter for a chance to win prizes! (Grades: K-3) Check out the PBS Kids Writing Contest

Power of the Pen: Persuasive Writing

Discover this great resource that teaches students to learn how to recognize credible sources and use those to form opinions and support them; a skill used by everyone from sports stars and homemakers to business leaders and politicians. Furthermore, new technologies such as blogs, podcasts, instant messaging, virtual social networks and email make opinionated self-expression easier and more encouraged than ever before. Use this resource to teach your students and start writing! (Grades: 9-12) Check out Persuasive Writing

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