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posted on November 14, 2013


Map This! History of Geography

Discover what experts have found out about the history of geography from clay tablets during Babylonian times to mapmaking from horseback in the 1800's to digital maps produced by computers in the 60's! Jack Dangermond, the co-founder of a Geographic Information Systems notes that digital geography has enabled people to think about geography in abstract ways using databases and visualization. Click here to find out more about this great resource geared for students in grades 7-12! 

Map This! Maps from The World Digital Library

The Library of Congress has gathered a group of maps for teachers and students. View how analyzing maps can help students discover new topics to explore further and can support the development of critical thinking skills that they can apply to other representations of the world. With the supporting Teacher's Guide, explore the historical background of a variety of maps, examine different types of maps, and recognize the value of analyzing maps as primary sources. Start exploring this great resource for grades 2-12 by clicking here!

Tags: digital education education educators geography Social Studies teachers

Subjects: Social Studies


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