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Spend or Save? Two Cents on Financial Planning

posted on December 23, 2013

Spend or Save? Two Cents on Financial Planning

Check out this PBS LearningMedia collection of resources from Thirteen/WNET designed to engage students in financial awareness, economic empowerment and personal responsibility. The 25 resources that comprise the collection conceptually illustrate lessons regarding savings, investment, creditworthiness, entrepreneurship, and commerce. 

Click HERE to learn about this resource created for students grades 7-12.

While teaching your students about finances and banking, check out the evolution of modern banking with PBS LearningMedia. The documentary, The Ascent of Money, examines early Renaissance Italy, when credit came of age, and explores how money lending became the foundation of a new kind of power. Against the backdrop of the powerful Medici family, historian Niall Ferguson describes how credit became a legitimate international business and led to the birth of modern banking. 

Click HERE to learn about the evolution of modern banking, a resource for grades 9-12.  

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