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Getting to the Roots of Family Trees

posted on February 24, 2014

Getting to the Roots of Family Trees

Family trees can be more than just a grid displaying who your relatives are. In this activity created by WETA and drawing on material from the PBS documentary series Latino Americans, students are challenged to reflect on their own family’s arrival to America and learn new facts about their cultural history. Inspired by clips from the documentary, students research and fill in as much information as possible on the names and birthplaces of themselves, their parents, grandparents and so on. Next, they plot the names and birthplaces on a world map. More important than establishing the exact detail of their family tree is the process of understanding the migration/settlement story of those that came before them, making this activity inclusive of students who are adopted as well as those who are biologically connected to their parents. Your students will be intrigued as they complete reflective questions that compare and contrast their family’s story of arrival with the rich arrival stories of characters from the documentary. And to top it all off, they’ll be sure to carry these conversations home to the dinner table, making for some quality learning both in and out of the classroom. Their parents will thank you! This resource is greated for grades 4-13+.

Tags: American history education educators genealogy history science Social Studies STEM teachers

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