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IPTV and ICN Partner to Support Education with PBS LearningMedia

posted on March 3, 2014

IPTV and ICN Partner to Support Education with PBS LearningMedia

Iowa Public Television (IPTV) and the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) are looking forward to working together via PBS LearningMedia to support enhanced educational opportunities for educators and students in Iowa. PBS LearningMedia has over 35,000 digital resources available for educational use. This effort builds on the ICN’s dedication to education that the ICN has demonstrated by providing high-speed Internet and data to schools where the Network is connected. Likewise the effort builds on IPTV’s reputation as a producer and distributor of highly trusted and high quality educational content. PBS LearningMedia is a free, on-demand service for educators that provides easy access to classroom-ready learning resources based on multiplatform educational media developed by IPTV and other PBS stations.

As technology has evolved the ICN is transitioning its involvement with K-12 Connections to supporting online curriculum opportunities (PBS LearningMedia) via the partnership with IPTV. IPTV knows that educators in Iowa want local content! IPTV already has an expansive library of local resources; with the support of the ICN, IPTV will be able to upload content to PBS LearningMedia, making it readily available to educators and students inside and outside of the classroom. In addition IPTV is now able to offer increased educational outreach at school sites and in classrooms to help educators learn about, explore, and effectively use PBS LearningMedia.

For additional PBS LearningMedia information contact:  Angela Hiatt ( and Abby Brown (; IPTV Educational Services.  For additional information about the ICN visit

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