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Food Is Fuel: How the Body Processes Nutrients

posted on March 10, 2014

Food Is Fuel: How the Body Processes Nutrients

Have you ever seen a rat inside of a snake’s body and wondered how in the world it is ultimately digested? We can guarantee that your students have probably seen this image and thought it was so cool! Are there certain things that we as humans put into our bodies that take as much effort to transform into energy? This fascinating video excerpt from NOVA scienceNOW addresses these questions and more about the potential energy contained in food. Correspondent and New York Times Technology Columnist David Pogue explores how a rat is digested by a snake and how food fuels the body, while scientist Stephen Secor demonstrates how to measure the amount of energy stored in a food using a bomb calorimeter. Portions of a dehydrated cupcake and rat are burned in a special tank to reveal which contains more calories: the cupcake or the rat? You and your class won’t believe the answer! This fascinating resource is for grades 6-12. 

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