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Broaden Horizons Through Music with The Electric Company

posted on March 24, 2014

Broaden Horizons Through Music with The Electric Company

As Music in Our Schools Month comes to a close, end it on a high note by taking your class behind the scenes of The Electric Company to learn about the pivotal role music plays in the hit series. Music Director Bill Sherman describes his role and the people that he works with, while the rest of the cast describes their experiences with music on the show and their relationship to music. Your students will be fascinated to learn about how some of the musicians are self-taught, while some have taken lessons for years, but all are bonded by a love of performance and creativity. And for the grand finale, students will walk away with an exposure to several different genres of music from rap to rock to jazz to lounge, inspiring them to broaden their horizons and to be creative across all aspects of their lives. Keep your eyes peeled for cameo appearances by Grammy and Tony Award winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, comedian Jimmy Fallon and more celebrities whose careers are impacted by music every day!


Who knows? Maybe there’s a budding Mozart in your classroom! Explore this great resource for grades 1-3. 

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