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The Evolution of Music Online

posted on March 26, 2014

The Evolution of Music Online

Remember the good old days when you would rush home in time to find out what the top music video of the week was on MTV’s TRL? Remember when Jennifer Lopez was a fly girl on In Living Color and Downtown Julie Brown was the queen of the VJs? And raise your hand if you know what VH1’s Pop Up Video is?

The music industry certainly has evolved and it’s not easy to keep up with! As the 90s came to a close, the business of music began to change. Technology allowed artists to produce their own music and the internet became a free-for-all for musicians to promote themselves. The result was an influx of artists and audiences were left wondering how to sort through them. Many of the chart-topping artists of today got their start on YouTube as opposed to enlisting an entire marketing team from the start and bursting onto the scene with a ground-breaking music video (“Hit Me Baby One More Time”, anybody?).

Show your students that you’re keeping up with the times with Evolution of Music Online from the PBS Arts web-series Off Book, revealing how music blogs and websites have arisen as the new arbiters of quality. Use this video to start a dialogue with your teenage students about the important role music plays in society and what the future of music might look like. This is a great resource for grades 9-12. 

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