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Appreciate Yourself This Week and Learn Something New

posted on May 7, 2014

Appreciate Yourself This Week and Learn Something New

This week, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and extend a huge “thank you” to all of the teachers out there who work every day to educate and enrich the lives of future generations. Go ahead – treat yourself to that mocha latte, get that spa treatment you’ve been thinking about and curl up with your favorite book tonight. While you’re at it, why not do a little learning of your own by brushing up on some of the hot topics facing educators today? Take Common Core, for example. What is it about Common Core that has everyone buzzing? Regardless of your view point, it’s a topic you need to know about as a teacher in today’s world of education.

In this video from New York PBS station Thirteen/WNET, learn how Common Core is present in our everyday lives and discover a creative new way to weave current events into your curriculum. Watch students in Lincroft, NJ read an assigned article from the New York Times or the Asbury Park Press. The students then write about and discuss the current events using journalism as a unique platform to learn English, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Teachers incorporate Common Core English/Language Arts standards by using the New York Times Learning Network, an online blog and news sites for grades 3-12. The main goals of infusing journalism into the classroom are to make students better critical thinkers and to foster life-long writing and presentation skills. Try it out with your class today!

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