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Inspire Summer Reading with The Electric Company!

posted on June 4, 2014

Inspire Summer Reading with The Electric Company!

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean that it’s time to put the books down! We challenge you to give students a reason to read over the next few months and come back in the fall with enhanced reading skills. Who better to help than The Electric Company? Over thirty years ago, this educational television show dared to speak to youth in the voice of their generation. The Electric Company turned on the power of possibility for kids by showing them that learning to read can be fun. The show aims to entertain children while simultaneously teaching the following four crucial areas of literacy that are challenging for struggling readers:

1. Decoding: Children will increase their ability to manipulate sounds in spoken words and map the words to print.

2. Vocabulary: Children will expand the amount of words that they use and understand.

3. Comprehension of Connected Text: Children will learn strategies that good readers use to understand connected text (phrases and sentences).

4. Motivation: Children will be motivated to read connected text and express themselves using text.

Use PBS LearningMedia’s The Electric Company resource collection, designed for kids in grades 1-3, to get your students excited about unleashing the power of the written word! 

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Subjects: Literacy & Languages


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