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posted on June 19, 2011

PBS TeacherLine

Iowa Public Television is a PBS TeacherLine station, and is pleased to offer educators throughout the state a professional development program that helps teachers acquire the skills they need to prepare students for a successful future. Currently there are over 85 PBS TeacherLine courses offered in areas ranging from reading and language arts, instructional technology, science, mathematics and instructional strategies. Many PBS TeacherLine courses are eligible for graduate credit.

PBS TeacherLine provides online professional development through facilitated courses that meet national and local standards, through supportive and collaborative learning communities and exemplary internet-based resources. Developed with a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, PBS TeacherLine offers high quality, standards-based graduate-level courses for K-12 teachers.

Local Graduate Credit

You can earn local graduate credit through Morningside College.

License Renewal Credit

AEA PD Online is partnering with IPTV to offer Iowa educators license renewal credit for PBS TeacherLine  course offerings. Learn More.

Continuing Education for Child Care Providers

PBS TeacherLine is an approved Training Organization by the Iowa Department of Human Services. For more information visit the Iowa Department of Human Services website.


  • Convenience of completing coursework online makes professional development accessible and flexible
  • Improves student outcomes
  • Teachers can earn graduate credits or Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • All courses address local and national standards
  • Encourages collaborative learning

Credit Information

  • PBS TeacherLine courses, through Iowa Public Television, are now approved for child care providers’ recertification hours, and will meet DHS requirements.
  • Many PBS TeacherLine courses offer the opportunity to earn graduate credit. Depending on the course you choose, you may have the opportunity to earn graduate credit from a national graduate credit provider or from a local college or university. To learn more about graduate credit and CEUs for national courses, please go to
  • Graduate credit from Morningside College.

To learn more about PBS TeacherLine, go to . For further questions, contact Kelly Nesheim at Iowa Public Television. (800) 532-1290


Teaching Reading in the Content Areas

“I must admit that I was hesitant and skeptical about an online course. This course was excellent. It exceeded what I thought it would be, and I have a lot research-based knowledge now that will inform my instruction and my ability to help students gain skills regarding reading all kinds of materials.”

~Iowa Educator

Children's Authors on the Web

“This was an awesome class that I will recommend. I learned so much and hope to use the knowledge when I get back in a classroom. The instructor was quick to answer questions, she was helpful, she was supportive, and she was encouraging. A wonderful first online classroom experience.”

~ Iowa Educator

Raising Readers: Preparing Preschoolers for Success

This has been a wonderful course for me! I just started my child care business about 2 years ago, and it is certainly a learning process! I want to provide the best environment that I can for the children in my care, and this class has provided me with a wealth of information. As a mother of two with a husband who is on the road during the week, it is inconvenient to take classes away from home. By the time I pay a babysitter and then drive about 30 miles to get to Mason City or Clear Lake, it gets expensive. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this class and the children I take care of will certainly benefit from all that I have learned. Thank You!

~ Iowa Care Provider

Popular Courses for 2013

Start the new year off right, and invigorate your career. These popular PBS TeacherLine courses are a powerful way to improve your instructional skills, master new content, and expand your professional credentials.

Covering relevant content and led by expert facilitators, online courses start in 2013. Here is a selection of some of the most effective, convenient, and flexible courses available:

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