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The Best Resources for STEM Educators

posted on September 2, 2012

The Best Resources for STEM Educators

STEM education is the point of much discussion and scrutiny in education lately. From districts needing to improve students’ test scores in science and math to many leaders wanting the U.S. to be more globally competitive in technology and engineering, it is clear that improving STEM education will continue to play an important role in U.S. education.

IPTV offers your students ways to explore new ideas related to science, technology, engineering, and math through our standards-aligned educational television programs and high-quality, digital resources. Here are some of the best resources connected to STEM education.

PBS LearningMedia and STEM

STEM resourcesPBS LearningMedia offers thousands of purpose-built STEM resources like video and audio clips, interatives, lesson plans, and several other digital media pieces. PBS LearningMedia is the next generation multimedia platform for teachers and students.

Check out these resources available from PBS LearningMedia in:

STEM Television Programming

Many of the national television programs like NOVA, Nature, Design Squad, Cyberchase, and Sid the Science Kid and a great number of locally aired programs like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Solving for X, and Geometry Applications are relevant to STEM education and may help spark a student’s interest and enthusiasm in a STEM related field.

To find information on these and other STEM programs, go to IPTV’s K-12 Classroom television page.

STEM Education Resource Center

The PBS STEM Education Resource Center features hand-picked multimedia, games, teacher guides, and more for PreK-12 teachers. Search the entire PBS Teachers database to find hundreds of standards-based, online resources.

Explore More: This award-winning multimedia project is designed to engage students in STEM related problems they can relate to, provide compelling content for investigation, and give students opportunities to form their own points of view.

Connections to Science: This online video series targets science students in grades 3-5 and 6-8 and shows students what scientists and engineers do in their field. Each STEM related clip is designed to meet the needs of your students.

ICN Videoconference Events

IPTV offers interactive, educational sessions via the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). IPTV's ICN sessions, many of which are STEM related, are provided at no cost to PreK-12 students. Check out the full schedule of avialble ICN sessions.

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