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Using Video Through IPTV

posted on September 7, 2011

Using Video Through IPTV

We faced a number of challenges as we redesigned IPTV’s educational webpage. The greatest hurdle, however, was managing the sheer number of resources that are available for teachers. With over 15,000 videos in IPTV's library, we wanted the educationally relevant ones to be easy for teachers to find and use.

The educational videos are created as a supplement to your teaching, so it is not necessary to change your teaching practices to effectively use video. Instead, aim to apply your best techniques. For example, if you teach best by using small group discussions, use the pause button. Have your students make predictions, form a connection to a larger idea, define a word, or highlight a point made in the video.

That being said, there are several ways to access video through IPTV and PBS.


IPTV Overnight Educational Programming

Each year, IPTV purchases a number of television programs specifically designed for the classroom. These videos are most often aligned to national standards and available in several shorter clips, between five and ten minutes in length. Most of these programs come with links to relevant resources, teacher guides, and lesson plans. In addition to airing overnight, IPTV is working to make these videos available to stream online. Searching for a program is straight-forward: you can search alphabetically or by subject area. Additionally, you can contact your AEA to request a copy of any program that airs during our overnight block.

  • Aligned to national standards
  • Episodes available in 5-10 minute clips to supplement a lesson or activity
  • Made exclusively for classroom use

IPTV Video Library

IPTV has a huge online video library of locally produced shows as well as full episodes of NOVA, FRONTLINE, American Experience, NewsHour, and many other national shows.  Aside from the full episodes, most programs are available in smaller clips or features that work well as a supplement to your lesson.

  • On-demand access to thousands of videos from IPTV and PBS
  • The ability to stream all locally produced content and most prime-time programs from PBS

PBS KidsGo

PBS KidsGo on IPTV houses all of our kids programming aired during the day. The video player is designed so young children can interact with it easily. Aside from the programs aired on IPTV, the PBS KidsGo player also offers web-only videos with programs like Fizzy’s Lunch Lab—a program to encourage kids to live healthy lifestyles; and Chuck Vanderchuck’s “something something" Explosion—a music education program designed to expose students to a variety of musical styles and genres. By going to the PBS Kids website, you can find teacher pages that come with series descriptions, teacher guides, and ways of incorporating video into a lesson or activity.

  • On-demand access to all of PBS Kids programming
  • Programs are built around specific educational goals

PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia delivers thousands of purpose-built educational videos that have been produced or adapted specifically for use in the classroom.The service also has interactives, games, lessons, and several other digital learning pieces. Programs are sorted by grade and subject level, are aligned to national standards, and come with supplemental material to help you integrate multimedia into the classroom.

  • Streaming access to thousands of educational videos
  • Easy to search for content
  • Access to supplemental materials
  • Aligned to national standards


Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

Copyright law exists to protect the creators of original works in any medium. However, there are ways for educators to use material without obtaining a copyright holder’s permission through “Fair Use.” In other words, a copyrighted work may be used without permission for teaching, research, scholarship, and criticism. If you have questions or concerns about what applies under “fair use,” PBS offers guidelines for teachers recording programs and using educational multimedia.

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