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Handouts for Early Child Care Providers and Preschool Teachers

posted on July 25, 2011

Handouts for Early Child Care Providers and Preschool Teachers

The following printable resources provide parents, child care providers and educators with information about how they can use PBS KIDS programming and resources to help children learn. There are also tips and ideas about incorporating learning opportunities into everyday experiences. Please feel free to print and share them with someone you know today!

PEG + CAT Activities

Try these full activities and printables that were developed to go along with episodes from PEG + CAT.

Ideas to Go / Ideas para el camino

Here are some great activities for you to do with your child on-the-go. These easy-to-do ideas are fun ways for you to help your child learn math and literacy concepts no matter where you are — doing things around the house or running errands in your town or neighborhood. A Spanish language version is included.

Healthy Viewing Habits for Children and Families

A handout filled with helpful tips for families about limiting TV viewing and selecting educational apps for their children.

Fall 2014 Kids Coloring Sheet

This coloring sheet contains the Fall 2014 TV Schedule for kids programming.

IPTV KIDS Science Programs

This handout highlights some of the great science programs available for kids.

IPTV KIDS Math Programs

This handout highlights the math programs available to kids. 

IPTV KIDS Reading Programs

Another great handout for parents that highlights some of the PBS Kids programs that  help build literacy skills and encourage kids to read.


Introduce kids and parents to PBS Kids Island, a site that gives childrent the tools to build an online island carnival by playing free, fun, and educational reading games with PBS Kids characters.

PBS Parents Play and Learn App | Spanish

Keep kids entertained and learning on-the-go with more than a dozen games parents can play with their kids!

PBS KIDS Resources

This handout is designed for education partners and contains information about PBS KIDS LAB, the PBS Mobile Learning Program and PBS Parents Play & Learn App.

Great Word Quest and Electric Racer

A handout for slightly older children introduces kids and parents to the Great Word Quest and Electric Racer game. These are perfect ways to give kids the tools to build and strengthen their literacy skills by playing free, fun, and educational reading games.

PBS Kids Lab

A brand new site with tons of new apps, online games, and interactives for kids age two to eight with the goal of building upon and improving math skills. (Check out the Spanish version)

Interactive White Board Games

Here is our collection of interactive white board games for students and educators available through PBS KIDS. Students will enjoy participating in these collaborative, fun, and engaging experiences, while exploring curriculum from trusted programs such as Sesame Street, Super Why, and Martha Speaks.

Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Programs

Learn how you can use Martha Speaks in the Classroom with the Martha Speaks Reading Buddies Program, which pairs kindergarteners with 4th or 5th grade students to build vocabulary skills and foster a love of reading.

Literacy Framework for PBS KIDS Programs

Find information on reading and communication skills children learn through PBS Kids programs. 


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