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Local Graduate Credit Now Available Through PBS TeacherLine

posted on January 4, 2012

Local Graduate Credit Now Available Through PBS TeacherLine

Iowa Public Television is pleased to announce that local graduate credit for PBS TeacherLine courses is now available through Morningside College.  PBS TeacherLine offers educators throughout the state ways to keep up-to-date on current technology, study the latest research, find new curriculum resources, and continue on a path of life-long learning.

The focus of the partnership provides Morningside graduate credit for Iowa teachers who are seeking online professional development.

"We are dedicated to collaborating with partners who are committed to offering courses, professional development, and other opportunities to increase the learning outcomes of Iowa teachers," said Michael Fitzpatrick, Dean of Graduate Studies at Morningside College. "I am excited that Morningside, IPTV, and PBS TeacherLine have developed a new, collaborative relationship to offer a wide array of rigorous online courses."

As a program originally developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Education, PBS TeacherLine is committed to helping educators acquire the skills they need to become—and remain—highly qualified teachers.

"PBS TeacherLine delivers a valuable online learning experience," said Kelly Nesheim, IPTV's Professional Development Coordinator. "The courses have content that is both rigorous and research-based, and PBS TeacherLine courses are led by highly-qualified facilitators who are experts in their field."

TeacherlineCurrently there are over 85 PBS TeacherLine courses offered in areas ranging from reading and language arts, instructional technology, science, mathematics, and instructional strategies. Additionally, many of the reading and math courses have been aligned to common core standards. "Teachers have the opportunity to learn new strategies and gain numerous resources while connecting and discussing with other educators," said Nesheim.

To browse different courses, teachers can go to Or you can go to Morningside's website to learn how to register.

"PBS and Morningside's Graduate Studies Program have always been at the forefront of providing quality academic programming," added Fitzpatrick. "We believe our collaborative relationship will create sustainable measures to effectively improve the learning outcomes for both teachers and students in the K-12 educational setting."

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