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Interactive Whiteboard Games from PBS KIDS

posted on January 10, 2012

Interactive Whiteboard Games from PBS KIDS

It has finally happened. Your school had some extra funds and bought new technology for your classroom. Now you have an interactive whiteboard sitting in front of your students. It seems like a great piece of technology, but how do you use it in the classroom?

Whether it is a Smartboard, Promethean, a Mimio, or one of many other interactive whiteboards out on the market, IPTV and PBS have games, interactives, and the tools you need to engage your students in new ways.

Here is an editorial pick of the best interactive whiteboard games for educators on PBS KIDS. Students will enjoy participating in these collaborative, fun, and engaging experiences, while exploring curriculum from trusted programs such as Martha Speaks, Sid the Science Kid, and WordGirl. Like our programs, all of our games are age-appropriate and vetted by educators.

Martha Speaks: Radio Martha
Grade Range: PreK, K-2
Skills: Vocabulary
Learn new vocabulary by matching the pictures to words.

FIZZY'S LUNCH LAB: Freddy's Carnival Count-Off
Grade Range: Pre K, K-2
Skills: Counting, Estimation
Answer the most questions to be crowned the winner!

Design Squad: Fidgets
Grade Range: K-2, 3-5
Skills: Design, Physical Science, Motions and Forces
Design and  build puzzles while learning about motion and forces.

WordGirl: Butcherisms
Grade Range: K-2, 3-5
Skills: Vocabulary
Identify fake and real vocabulary words.

Between the Lions: Tramploini Bros
Grade Range: K-2, 3-5
Skills: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary
Use adjectives and their comparative and superlative forms.

Digital Haiku
Grade Range: 3-5, 6-8
Skills: Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary
Learn about syllables by composing haiku.

Pentatonic Scale
Grade Range: K-2, 3-5
Skills: Music Comprehension
Play with a variety of instruments to compose pentatonic music.

Grade Range: K-2
Skills:  Measurement
Help May weigh stones using a pan balance scale.

WordGirl: Huggy Freeze Dance
Grade Range: K-2, 3-5
Skills: Reading, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary
Identify vocabulary words that match the video as it plays.

Cyberchase Lucky Star Math Game
Grade Range: K-2, 3-5
The Cyberchase Lucky Star game show challenges kids to compete for top scores while building important math skills.

DragonflyTV: Planetary Rescue Squad
Grade Range: 3-5, 6-8
Discover the relationship between gravitational forces and mass.

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