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New Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS Go

posted on March 20, 2012

New Resources from PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS Go

PBS KIDS and PBS KIDS Go have released several new resources for students and teachers. From new episodes of Arthur and the Wild Kratts, to interactives from WordGirl, to teacher guides and lesson plans, these new resources are sure to help you innovate in your classroom, engage your students in new ways, and meet the needs of teaching and learning in a 21st century classroom.

Be sure to continue following throughout the spring and summer. Some brand new resources and series will be launching that revolve around math, science, and literacy.

Chuck Vanderchuck's Something Something Explosion! Season Two

chuck vanderchuckAre you ready for some musical madness? Get ready to jam in season two of Chuck Vanderchuck's Something Something Explosion! Chuck Vanderchuck starts season two by exploring the world of hip hop music, offering students a brief, informative history lesson, followed by an introduction into the various types of instruments and equipment used for recording performances. The site also offers videos that explain other types of musical genres like jazz and salsa, interactives that test students' knowledge of musical history, and much more.

Postcards from Buster

Postcards from Buster has new online resources. The just released international episodes – Chile and India – are now available to watch online, along with Buster’s previous trips to China, Italy, and Egypt. The Postcards from Buster website has also been updated with educational resources and a new web game called “Buster’s International Game Show” (or the "BIG Show," for short).

There’s a new teacher’s guide for the Postcards from Buster international specials. Designed especially for third graders, the activities in the teacher’s guide work side-by-side with the episodes now available online. View the guide here.

Students can play the new interactive and educational web game Buster's International Game Show. Hosted by Buster and loaded with over 400 questions, the game is designed to teach AND quiz kids about food, religion, pastimes, the Arts, history, daily life, and more.

WordGirl vs. Miss Power: Face-Off

word girl

Miss Power has come to Earth from outer space to teach WordGirl everything she knows. But is Miss Power really a superhero? Besides using her super strength and super speed to defeat villains, Miss Power has another secret weapon: using mean words against others. In this WordGirl interactive, students must identify the antonym of the mean words Miss Power is using against WordGirl. Students play against the clock while increasing their vocabulary range.

electric companyElectric Company: Prankster Planet

Electric Company's Prankster Planet is a world that spans online, broadcast and print, each enriching the other. The show’s live-action characters embark on learning adventures in a series of twelve, two-minute, cartoon mini-episodes.

The twelve multi-game online "missions" continue episode storylines. Kids can create cartoon avatars of themselves and work with the characters to solve problems just hinted at during the show.

The educator's guide offers teachers supplemental actitives and lesson plans revolving around Prankster Planet. Click here for an educator's guide.

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