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Everyday is Earth Day

posted on April 16, 2012

Everyday is Earth Day

April 22 marks Earth Day, and in honor of this special event, IPTV has provided a combination of educational resources to help you broaden, diversify, and promote the environmental movement in the classroom. Although Earth Day is celebrated only one day each year, these resources are meant to be used every day.  Help your students take a proactive role in their communities by exploring the concepts of sustainability, ecology, and environmentalism. Help make everyday an Earth Day.

Explore More

Engage your students to more fully appreciate and understand water quality in Iowa; have them work through issues on the future of energy; and provide them with the opportunity to evaluate the social, economical, and environmental elements in land resource management. Explore More gives your students a rich array of resources, challenges, tools, and information surrounding the contemporary issues of water quality, alternative sources of energy, and working landscapes. Check it out today!

Iowa Outdoors

iowa outdoorsIowa Outdoors focuses on outdoor recreation, environmental issues, conservation initiatives, and Iowa's natural resources. From giant caves that sprawl for miles underneath the surface of Iowa, to birds rebounding and thriving from near extinction in the state, to outdoor physical activities that can help promote a healthy, physical lifestyle for your students, Iowa Outdoors offers something for everyone.

Loop Scoops

Watch a series of eight short, funny videos to begin thinking about the stuff you use and see every day and what it all can do to the environment. Learn how to reuse items like magazines and catalogs that are lying around your house, how to reduce the amount of garbage you produce each week by recycling and composting, what happens to those juice boxes you have with lunch, and why you should not set any unwanted pets free in the wild. The videos also feature educational lessons, such as how Velcro came to be, and where breakfast juice comes from. One video, "Happiness," even teaches kids about smart shopping. After learning about good "green" practices, see what ways you can come up with to help the environment! Check them out.

Eco Investigator

Encourage your students to be Eco Investigators. Build knowledge and develop projects that address your local community and its environment with resources related to air, land, freshwater, and saltwater.

Explore the Outdoors with PBS KIDS

IPTV is increasingly serving students wherever they live, learn, and play--online, on mobile devices, on TV, and in the classroom. Find outdoor-themed games, activities, and videos at PBS KIDS Outdoors.

The Greens

greensOn this interactive site about looking after the planet, kids can watch short cartoon adventures of this "green" family, and discover related eco-friendly games and news, read the blog, download iron-on green logos, and much more. Learn how and why to buy local, plant a fall garden, and conserve your resources. See just how green you are with the carbon footprint calculator. Play a memory game which gives you Outdoor Tips such as, "Follow a butterfly. See where it goes and what it does." Or download the "Light it Right" game on your iPhone to turn out lights in rooms that members of the family are not occupying.

Compost Office

compost officeYard and food wastes make up nearly one-third of the waste stream in the United States, most of which gets put in landfills or incinerated. Help inform your students that by simply combining some basic elements, they can create ideal conditions for recycling these wastes naturally. Use this interactive from PBS LearningMedia to learn more about composting, and the roles that soil, microbes, oxygen, and moisture play in the process.

Greeen Energy

What is green energy? Investigate renewable and non-renewable energy sources along with the pros and cons of each type. Learn how you can help conserve energy.

Recycling and Composting

About half of the paper we use in our daily lives has been recycled. In this video from PBS LearningMedia, follow the paper trail with Francesco and find out what happens to recyclables when they get to a material recovery facility.


Fetch!Ruff Ruffman has a few games to help you better understand your environment. What does it mean to be green? These six "Go Green!" activities on the FETCH! website send kids on real world challenges to discover how much water, electricity, fuel, paper, bags, and trash they use. Kids collect data and report back to the site where, using a dynamic map, they can see who is using more or less by state and how they compare to the over-all average. Kids are encouraged to assume the role of scientist by using logical thought, memory, and attention to detail to define ways to reduce their own consumption.

The Environment from American Experience

PBS films and digital properties have hundreds of environment-related assets. From full-length streaming films to kids' games, history, science interactives, news analysis, and story sharing, The Environment collection offers users a wide array of our most popular and most interesting green content.

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