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Education, Technology, and Iowa

posted on July 2, 2012

Education, Technology, and Iowa

Recently, IPTV Education attended the Keystone AEA Technology Integration for Classrooms (TIC) Conference at Upper Iowa University in Fayette. It was a great conference, and it was equally amazing to see so many teachers doing such good in their classrooms.

Technology, cell phones, and computers are all commonplace in today's world. Go to any office, coffee shop, or even a grocery store, and you will undoubtedly see people who are interacting with technology and media in ways that were unimaginable ten years ago. We live in this exciting, uncertain time. It's almost staggering to think of how much has changed. Yet a number of schools have fallen behind in this media revolution, from completely banning Facebook to excluding internet-connected mobile devices in classrooms. The question then becomes, is banning this technology a good thing? Of course, there needs to be a time and a place for technology use - a common understanding between teachers and students - but should that mean an all out ban?

Enter the TIC Conference, where the theme not only encourages teachers to embrace technology but to incorporate it into every part of their pedagogy, from lesson planning to encouraging student created media projects. “Understand it, scrutinize it, sort out what works, embrace the good, and finally, use the technology in your classroom." In fact, this is a theme that is happening all across Iowa. This next school year, check out the 1:1 Conference, Iowa Technology Education Connection Conference (itec) , or the Technology Integration and Instruction for the 21st Century Learner Conference (t.i.c.l.) to get a sense of what is happening in a great number of Iowa classrooms. Very real discussions are taking place. It's not a matter of if schools should be embracing technology at every level but rather how schools should make it happen. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, conversations are being had as far as why schools should be cautious of embracing too much technology. How does school leadership scrutinize between what is a fad and what will have lasting impact? Technology is not the silver bullet that is going to solve the problems inundating the American school system, but not embracing it is just as dangerous.

What are your thoughts? Where do Iowa schools stand in this digital revolution?


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