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New Education Programs through IPTV

posted on August 4, 2012

New Education Programs through IPTV

For over forty years, IPTV has broadcast the highest quality educational television programs for learners of all ages. Check out the list of new and returning educational programs scheduled for the 2012-2013 school year and be sure to investigate the companion Web resources such as teachers' guides and student activities.

Remember that you can request copies of programs with duplication rights through your local Area Education Agency. Additionally, a number of IPTV's educational programs have digital rights associated with them. Go to our list of educational programs to see which programs you can access online.

civil rightsA History of Civil Rights in America (History 9-12)
This eight-part series examines the evolution of American civil rights through archival footage, photos, maps, reading, patriotic music, and scenes with re-enactors in period and contemporary dress. The series takes you through the development of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the 13th Amendment and 14th Amendments, civil rights legislation, and court decisions as well as examining fearless civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Thurgood Marshall, and Martin Luther King, Jr. From the past to the present, this series takes students through one of the most powerful forces in American History: the promise of equality for all.

Invitation to World Literature (Communication Arts 9-12)
invitationInvitation to World Literature is a multimedia series introducing drama, epic poetry, and novels from classics like the Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey to modern classics like Things Fall Apart and 100 Years of Solitude. The online videos form the centerpiece of the project and feature a mix of writers, scholars, artists, and performers with personal connections to world literature, from Philip Glass to Alan Cumming, Wole Soyinka to Kristin Chenoweth, all brought together by Professor David Damrosch of Harvard University, a world-renowned expert on world literature. The project was funded by Annenberg Media.

NOVA ScienceNOW (Science 7-12)
nova science nowNOVA ScienceNOW begins its new season with a new host, David Pogue, the New York Times tech guru who was the host of NOVA's Making Stuff series and Hunting the Elements. Featuring four stories in each themed episode, the new season of NOVA scienceNOW, will again tackle an array of thought-provoking topics on people's minds, such as "How Smart Can We Get?"--in which Pogue finds out how the anatomy of his brain measures up to Albert Einstein's; "What Are Animals Thinking?"--when the tech-savvy host races against homing pigeons without the aid of his iPhone's GPS; and "Can Science Stop Crime?"--in which Pogue tries to outsmart computerized lie detectors.

Assignment: the World (Social Studies 4-8)
atwAssignment: the World has provided current events to 4th through 8th graders for 52 years. The weekly 15-minute news program is the nation's longest-running instructional television program. The interactive program covers the top news stories of the week from around the world and helps students understand the world around them. In each episode, ATW provides viewers with opportunities to interact with the current events and content presented. Viewers can actively participate in comprehension questions, answer questions about news stories, and debate important current event issues.

Creature Features (Science K-4)
cretureThese fun programs are a perfect introduction to some of the most widely studied creatures and animals found on the planet.  Created specifically for elementary students, each program provides beautiful, up-close imagery and age appropriate narration. Life science concepts addressed throughout the series include habitats, body parts, adaptation, migration, ecosystems, the life cycle, and more. Learn about a variety of different creepy critters including ants, spiders, ladybugs, cicadas, crickets, and more.

Becoming Successful in Middle School (Guidance and Careers 6-8)
bsmThis program introduces students to the many changes that accompany adolescence by going beyond the physical manifestations of puberty and discussing emotional, social, and developmental changes. Teen hosts reassure viewers of many normal aspects of early adolescence: changing relationships with friends, a new sense of independence, unpredictable moments of emotional upheaval and distraction, and more.  The programs also address how school skills eventually translate to work skills and how personality types connect to potential careers.

Bill Nye’s Solving for X (Algebra 6-12)
solving for xIf your students struggle to connect the multiple representations of equations, data tables, and graphs when dealing with functions or if you are needing a fun and lively way to explain algebraic concepts, then you have to check out Bill Nye’s Solving for X. In this original, all-new series, Bill teaches algebraic principles such as fractions, exponents, and proportions in colorful and unexpected ways. By using Bill Nye’s exciting conceptual approach to learning key mathematical principles, kids everywhere can discover how algebra relates to the world around us. Solving For X has never been easier

History Detectives (History 6-12)
history detectivesHistory is much more than just memorizing facts and knowing dates. With the new season of History Detectives, students will see that history is about questioning, research, and discovery. History Detectives also offers tons of resources to enhance your lessons. This new season covers a range of historical eras, including the Civil War, the Gold Rush, the Industrial Revolution, World Wars I and II, and the Korean War. Additionally, the producers have created lesson plans that relate to four specific episodes and offer curriculum ideas in a variety of subjects.

Other New Programs:

18th Century Turning Points in U.S. History (Social Studies 6-8, 9-12) Explore the significant historical events throughout the 18th Century.

A History of Equal Rights in American (Social Studies 6-8, 9-12) Examines the history of bringing equality to all Americans.

Measuring the Earth’s Temperature (Science 6-8, 9-12) A series analyzing climate change and its effects on humanity.

Miracle of the Human Body (Science 6-8, 9-12) Human anatomy program that takes an investigative approach to learn the systems of the body.

Technology and Architecture in Ancient Civilizations (Social Studies and Science 9-12) . With this series, explore how the pyramids were built in Egypt, the elegant temples and theatres were created in Greece, and the arches, aqueducts, and avenues that were engineered in Rome.

Water and Life on Planet Earth (Science 6-8, 9-12) Examine the biology of Earth’s oceans in this educational series.

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