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Adult Learning Spotlight: Kirkwood Community College

posted on August 1, 2012

Adult Learning Spotlight: Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood Community College has developed two new programs that focus on meeting the ever-changing needs of adult learners. The GED Academy is an 8 week series of courses designed to assist students in earning a GED Diploma. Classes focus on developing skills necessary to pass the GED official tests, with special emphasis placed on math and writing. Students also receive instruction in career preparation to assist them with future steps after earning a GED Diploma.

Kirkwood Pathways for Academic Career Education and Employment (KPACE) is a collaborative effort among Kirkwood Community College, the United Way of East Central Iowa, and community-based organizations. KPACE is targeted at lower-skilled, low-income adults, the unemployed and underemployed. KPACE supports individuals' abilities to advance over time to successively higher levels of education and employment, helping them gain greater financial stability. The program weaves together basic skills training, workplace readiness training, academic learning and credential attainment.

Everybody’s situation is unique. Kirkwood Community College gives you plenty of choices that either complete or enhance your high school education.

HSDL (High School Distance Learning) – Students who cannot physically attend high school, need to make up credit, or desire to work ahead can take courses through the Internet and mail.

High School Transfer Courses – Maybe you didn’t do as well as you wanted in chemistry, or perhaps an illness or family emergency kept you from your studies. You can make up your lost credit at Kirkwood and it will transfer to your high school.

Kirkwood Adult High School Diploma – You can finish your diploma at one of Kirkwoods many locations, or through its correspondence program.

Adult Basic Education and Tutoring – Improve your basic reading, writing, and math skills to help improve your life skills and ability to work, or to advance to a better position in your field.

College Credit in High School -- With Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) you can get a jump start on college while earning credit toward your high school diploma at the same time Our Career Edge Academies take it one step further: Not only can you earn high school and college credit, but you can take groups of classes centered around a specific career, plus get hands-on experience and earn college credit.

GED Completion -- The General Educational Development Diploma, or GED for short, is a high school diploma awarded by the Iowa Department of Education.

For additional information on these programs, contact Kirkwood Community College at 319-784-1510 or by visiting

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