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2012 Election Collection

posted on October 18, 2012

2012 Election Collection

Teachers, do you need material about the elections? Explore our collection of classroom-ready content to help  your students become more civically aware. Check out the variety of content available concerning the election. Whether it is the PBS LearningMedia Election 2012 collection, interactive maps, news stories from PBS NEWSHOUR or rarely seen artifacts of the candidates lives from FRONTLINE, we hope you’ll find something to engage your students, spark excitment in the their learning, and help you be a stronger educator.

2012 Election Collection

This collection is an aggregation of curated and contextualized election-related resources for K-12 classrooms with a primary focus on middle and high school. Available resources include both current events for the 2012 Presidential Election and in-depth learning opportunities that can be used in any study of the U.S. government and election processes.

PBS LearningMedia

Find election resources from PBS Learning Media.

PBS NewsHour Interactive Electoral Map

Use this interactive map to click on states to create your 2012 prediction.


A journey into the places, people, and decisive moments that made the men who are competing for the presidency.

Artifacts of Character

FRONTLINE's "Artifacts of Character," is a series of rarely seen documents, photos, speeches and other objects that pinpoint seminal moments for President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Published over the past three weeks, each artifact sheds light on a different aspect of the candidates' lives: how they came of age and went on to college, weathered early political losses, and rebounded to define their paths to power. Taken together, the collection offers new insights into who these men are, and what they have come to represent.

Meet the Canidates

Meet this year's presidential candidates, and help students identify the duties of the U.S. president and begin to think critically about the skills necessary to be a good president.

Need to Know

Find hundreds of articles about the elections with PBS Need to Know.

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