Working with a partner, can you guess the sport?


  • a pad of paper for each team
  • a pencil for each team
  • a copy of the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse cards
  • a way to keep time (i.e. cooking timer, stop watch)

Setting up the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse Cards

  1. Cut out each card along the dotted lines.
  2. Fold each card so the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse logo is on the outside facing you.
  3. Place cards face down in a pile.

Basic Rules of the Game

  1. Divide players into two person teams. If you have a larger number of players, you can either form more teams or have teams with more than two people. If you have only three players, one person should be designated as the person who will do the drawing for both teams.
    • When playing with more than three players, each player on a team will take a turn being the person who will draw while other members of his or her team will guess.
  2. After dividing players into teams, team members need to decide who will draw first and who will guess.
  3. Once the teams have decided who will draw and who will guess, you will need to decide which team draws from the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse card deck first.
  4. The game ends when all members of a team have taken a turn drawing. If you are playing with only three people, play ends after five rounds. 5.The team with the most IPTV KIDS Clubhouse cards at the end of the game wins.

Playing a Round

  1. The player who is drawing for a team draws a card. He or she shows the card to the other person drawing for the other team or teams. The team members drawing have 5 seconds to see the card before the round starts.
  2. A round starts when both drawing players are ready and the timer is set for 60 seconds. The team members drawing will have 60 seconds to draw while their teammates try to guess the word. The first team to guess the word correctly within the 60 seconds gets the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse card. If no team is able to guess the sport on the card correctly within the time allowed, it goes back into the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse card deck.