The puppets decided that after learning all about farming in the latest episode, they wanted to go outside and play in Farmer Andy’s fields. Can you gather them all up and get them back to the clubhouse before Dan and Abby come looking for them?

What You Will Need

Set up Directions

  1. Cut out each of the puppet tokens.
  2. Cut out each of the IPTV KIDS Clubhouse tokens.
  3. Blocking the other player. Open the large hard-back book and stand it on its end so that spine of the book is in front of and centered on your game board. The book will block the other player from seeing where you have placed your puppet tokens.
  4. Choose five of your puppet tokens and place them on the your puppets grid in one of the open blocks. Now, you’re ready to play.

How to Play

  1. Decide who will go first.
  2. During a player’s turn he or she will name a cell on the game board (for example: A, 1). The other player will say either the name of the puppet in the cell, if there is one, or say “IPTV KIDS” if there isn’t.
  3. The player whose turn it is will put the correct token on their own grid (puppet or IPTV KIDS Clubhouse) marking what they learned about the other player’s board.
  4. Play then moves to the other player.
  5. The game ends when one player has found all of the other player’s puppet tokens.

Download the Game