You may remember I had to deal with an unruly dragon a few days ago. Today, that dragon's extended family showed up to boycott my story time at the Ericson Public Library in Boone.


However, the dragon invasion wouldn't stop us from dreaming big! There were big dreams of fantastic treehouses!


There were also big dreams of having casts signed!


And when I asked the crowd if anyone had a dream of cooler weather, almost everyone raised their hand!


Later, at the Nevada Public Library, they placed me in the "Young Adult" section. I must be moving up in the world.


Some of my young friends tried to scare me with their "batty" headgear! How did they know bats freak me out?


When it comes to flying creatures, I prefer owls to bats any day!


And, although it wasn't a confirmed sighting, we believe the rare bandana-wearing frog made a visit to story time, too!


Dan's Wise Advice of the Day: If you are negotiating a real estate transaction with a scorpion, make sure you grab his claw and not his stinger when it is time to shake hands!