Alison White

Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Presenting at this session:

Amy S. Shaw

Director of Education

Amy Shaw is the director of education for WSIU-TV in Carbondale, IL. Amy holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Public Relations from Bradley University, Peoria, IL; and a master's degree in Telecommunications from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Amy's entire professional career has been spent marketing educational media and technology. Amy joined WSIU-TV in September 1998 and was one of the developers of the ChalkWaves consortium, formed by WSIU-TV, KCPT and KOOD in May of 2000. Amy has been instrumental in the reversioning of WSIU-TV k-12 services and directed WSIU and KCPT's video streaming project funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Future Fund. Amy is the project co-director of WSIU and KCPT's newest service, ChalkWaves Plus, using LAN-based streaming to deliver content to schools.

Presenting at this session:

B. Sean Fairburn, SOC

B. Sean Fairburn, SOC HD Cinematographer & Consultant

Presenting at this session:

Bill Cohn

Bill Cohn Applications Engineer Video Industry
Tektronix Corporation

Bill has been involved with the video business for nearly 30 years. He has been with Tektronix for six years as an Account Manager and an Applications Engineer in the Midwest. Previously he has worked for Antec Corporation as a Sales Engineer, and spent the previous twenty years at Zenith Electronics Corporation as the National Field Service Manager for CATV products and was a Design Engineer in the television products group. Bill has a BSEE degree from the University of Illinois at Champaign and an MBA degree from Roosevelt University. Bill lives in Schaumburg, Illinois with his wife Linda and his two sons Glenn and Hayden where he is active in Boy Scouts, Amateur and Antique Radio.

Presenting at this session:

Bruce Johnson

Videographer, Digital Innovations Unit
Wisconsin Public Television

Presenting at this session:

Bryan Scanlon

United Learning

Presenting at this session:

Chris Rogers

Design Engineer
Dielectric Communications

chris earned his BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern Maine. He has 5 years of experience in the design of TV and FM Broadcast antennas and components

Cindy Johanson

Cindy Johanson Senior Vice President, Interactive Learning
PBS Interactive

Ms. Johanson is responsible for leading PBS interactive services and digital content planning, including overseeing development of, and more than 3,500 curriculum offerings for teachers. The PBS Internet presence offers a unique local/national model and Ms. Johanson’s participation on PBS’s Greenlighting Team ensures cross-platform integration from program conception. Under Ms. Johanson’s direction, was launched in 1995 and it’s recognized as the #1 dot-org Web site and the recipient of numerous awards, including three Webby Awards for Best TV site. Before coming to PBS in 1993, Ms. Johanson was one of the founders and managers of the National Teacher Training Institute for Math, Science & Technology at New York’s WNET. She also worked with WNET’s Learning Link, a pre-Internet, online service for K-12 educators starting in 1989

Presenting at this session:

Craig Beardsley

Craig Beardsley Technical Manager
Sony Electronics, Inc

Craig Beardsley is currently a Technical Manager with the Sony Business Solutions Systems Company. For the past ten years, his focus has been on digital video technologies, including compression, storage, transmission and DTV/HDTV studio design and station DTV transition strategies. He has worked 29 years in the industry, and has previously held engineering and management positions with Sony, NBC, TV stations both Public and commercial, as well as with AM and FM radio stations.

He is a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE), the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the Society of Cable Television Engineers (SCTE). He has been certified as a CSRTE by the SBE, and has received several awards for his work. He has been with Sony since 1991

Presenting at this session:

Dave Johnston

Dave Johnston Senior Director of Technology

Over the past sixteen years Mr. Johnston has overseen the development and implementation of many of the Public Broadcasting Service's business processes and information systems for the K-12 and higher education divisions. Johnston established PBS's first public Internet "gopher server" and in 1994, along with several colleagues, launched the first PBS Web site that was to become PBS Online. In his current role he is responsible for the technical infrastructure and services of PBS Online, the award-winning website that currently attracts more than 145 million page views per month and is the number one "Dot Org" site on the Internet (according to Nielsen NetRatings).

Mr. Johnston has contributed to the "transition to digital broadcast" as PBS's representative to the ATSC T3/S17 specialist group working to create standards for the enhancement of digital television. He also served as the PBS member of the Advanced Television Enhancement Forum (ATVEF). Johnston lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and three children.

Presenting at this session:

David MacCarn

Chief Technologist

David MacCarn is Chief Technologist and Asset Management Architect for the WGBH Educational Foundation. He is currently responsible for long term planning, investment and adoption of new technologies. He has been with WGBH since 1985 when he was hired as director of engineering.

Mr. MacCarn co-authored a recommended practice for archiving media and electronic records called the “Universal Preservation Format” and is co-author of "Understanding the Preservation Challenge of Digital Television" for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program of the Library of Congress.

Mr. MacCarn has a patent pending for a “Universal Digital Data Preservation System.”

Mr. MacCarn has a BS degree in Computer Science and did graduate work in Computer Architecture. He is a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Presenting at this session:

Donn Kelly

Consumer Marketing Director - Home Electronics, Car Tech, Wireless & Appliances
Best Buy Consumer Marketing

Donn Kelly is the Consumer Marketing Director for Best Buy's Home Electronics business, where he works to understand consumer needs when buying digital products in the consumer electronics business. Additionally Donn's group analyzes market performance and anticipates consumer trends as they relate to new television technologies and the shopping experience. Donn has been with Best Buy for 3 1/2 years. Prior to joining Best Buy, Donn worked in various Brand/Product Management and Sales positions with both Pillsbury and General Mills. Donn holds an MBA in Marketing from the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh, and received his bachelors degree from the University of Toledo.

Presenting at this session:

Doug Hinahara

Director of Sales
Masstech Group Inc.

Presenting at this session:

Doug Vernier

Doug Vernier President
V-Soft Communications

Doug Vernier is president of V-Soft Communications, a broadcast engineering consulting and software developer firm based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. V-Soft Communications designs software for communication's propagation analysis and provides technical consultation on FCC matters for numerous television and radio broadcast organizations across the U.S. In August of this year, Vernier retired from a long-time position as Director, Broadcasting Services at the University of Northern Iowa, where he was responsible for nine transmitters across the state. Vernier holds broadcast telecommunications degrees from the University of Michigan. He is a past president of Public Radio in Mid-America and has served on the board of directors of National Public Radio where he was program chair. Vernier holds an FCC First Class Radiotelephone license which was reissued as a lifetime General Radiotelephone license in 1985. He is certified by the Society of Broadcast Engineers as a "Profession Broadcast Engineer." Vernier has been a regular presenter at technical broadcast conferences throughout the U.S. He is married and holds an amateur radio license K0DV.

Presenting at this session:

Dr. Karen Billings

Dr. Karen Billings Vice President
Education Division of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA)

Dr. Karen Billings has over 30 years of experience in the education technology industry with positions in management, development, marketing, sales, and classroom teaching.

Dr. Billings is the Vice President of the Education Division of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) in Washington DC. There she drives the association’s work with its 140 member companies for whom educational publishing is a primary business.

Prior to SIIA, Dr Billings, was Vice President, Major Business Initiatives for bigchalk Inc, where she drove relationships with major industry partners to respond to new business opportunities and Vice President and General Manager of its MediaSeek Division. She worked at Microsoft Corporation, managing K-12 Strategic Relations and at Claris Corporation, where she ran the Worldwide K-12 and Higher Education Marketing Programs. She served as Director of Sales at Logo Computer Systems, Inc. and as an Executive Editor in the School Division at Houghton-Mifflin Company.

Dr. Billings taught for 12 years in K-12 and Higher Ed classrooms and has authored four books and numerous articles for education journals. She received her BA at the University of Northern Iowa, her MA at the University of Oregon, and her EdD at Columbia University Teachers College, where she specialized in the uses of technology in education.

Presenting at this session:

Fred Baumgartner

AT&T Digital Media Centers

Fred Baumgartner is a long time Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, and Fellow of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. Fred lives in Denver Colorado, and is currently the Director of New Product Development for AT&T’s Digital Media Centers. He has served as Chief Engineer for KDVR-31, Denver, WTTV-4, Indianapolis, KHOW, Denver, and WIBA AM and FM in Madison, Wisconsin. Fred graduated with a BS in Electronics Education from the University of Wisconsin. He has published over a hundred articles regarding the technology of broadcasting and common carrier radio, several SBE publications, including co-authoring The TV Operator’s Handbook and Guide to Writing Station Operations Manuals. Fred also worked for TFT to develop the Broadcast and Cable Emergency Alert System (EAS), and has designed and sold a number of communications system products. Fred is also a member of SMPTE, Radio Club of America, SCTE, and ARRL.

Presenting at these sessions:

Fred M. Stefanik

Fred M. Stefanik High Power Transmitter Product Design Manager
Thales Broadcast & Multimedia, Inc.

Fred Stefanik has been with the Thales Broadcast & Multimedia organization for 15+ years. Currently, he holds the position of High Power Transmitter Product Design Manager.

Fred manages the engineering design team charged with the high power IOT based transmitter product line. Fred acts as technical liaison to all of the IOT vendors and is responsible for IOT qualifications. He has held several engineering and technician posts within Thales, and has served on numerous committees and task forces within the company, including the DTV Transmitter Performance Team and Affinity Documentation Team. Career highlights include Lead Design Engineer on the Paragon MSDC IOT power amplifier, and IOX / DCX transmitter product line. He was also a Development Engineer on the S series IOT transmitter line, and Development Engineer on the Emmy award winning team which designed the Comark "S" series KlystrodeTM IOT transmitter line.

Before joining Thales, Fred was employed as a Development Engineer at Comtronix Systems Inc., and as Development Engineer at Townsend Associates, where he also worked as a Technician and Draftsman. Fred currently holds 1 patent and has (2) patents pending. He is an avid amateur radio operator, holding an Advanced Class FCC license. He is involved in VHF/UHF/SHF experimentation and building.

Presenting at this session:

Gerry Field

Gerry Field Manager - DTV Access Project
CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media

Gerry Field leads NCAM's efforts to implement DTV closed captioning and audio description services. He is an active participant in the major broadcast standards organizations, and chairs the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Closed Captioning Working Group, the test materials task force for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) data systems subcommittee, and is a member of the DTV Station Project's technical steering committee.

With WGBH since 1991, Gerry previously served as Operations Manager and Technology Projects Manager for WGBH's Descriptive Video Service®, was a member of the development team for WGBH's Rear Window Captioning and DVS Theatrical® systems, and has produced accessible products for home video, DVD, and the web. He holds a Masters in Education from Antioch University, and for many years worked in community-based media and education projects.

Presenting at this session:

Grace Agnew

Grace Agnew Associate Librarian
Rutgers Digital Library

Grace Agnew is the Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems for the Rutgers University Libraries. She is the co-author of the books, Getting Mileage out of Metadata and the Online System Migration Guide, an instructor in the American Library Association's AACR2 Metadata Institute and the designer of the AMIA Moving Image Gateway, a forthcoming union catalog of resources from the world's moving image archives, funded by the National Science Foundation and co-sponsored by the Association of Moving Image Archivists and the Library of Congress. Ms. Agnew is a founding member of The Video Development Initiative (ViDe) and chairs the ViDe Video Access Working Group, which has developed and published a Dublin Core application profile for digital video and hosted a workshop on Managing Digital Video Content, in August 2001. Proceedings of that workshop are available at: She is also actively involved with digital rights metadata and recently co-hosted an NSF-sponsored workshop on digital rights management for Higher Education. Proceedings of that workshop are available at:

Presenting at this session:

Jack Perry

Jack Perry President and CEO

Jack Perry, president and chief executive officer of Decisionmark Corp., is a recognized media technology visionary. He is known for his work not only with high-growth, technology-based companies such as Powercore, CE Software, and Interactive Resources, but also for his innovative EPG work in the digital TV sector and groundbreaking work on satellite and broadcast issues surrounding the SHVIA. He quickly became a respected figure inside the beltway for having educated legislators and members of the FCC on digital and satellite broadcast issues.

Mr. Perry was the lead inventor in the development of the Company's now patented Geneva technology, a technology allowing the household determination of broadcast signal area coverage. Geneva is the basis for several the Company innovations, including

Mr. Perry has continued to push the Company to the edge of technological broadcast advancements. A second patent was awarded to Decisionmark under his leadership for its Air-to-Web Broadcast Replication (AWBR) technology. The Company AWBR technology is the key to solving issues related to Internet streaming of local content, which has recently received great attention from the press and radio industry.

He has been a regular presenter at broadcast and technology conferences across the U.S., including: Streaming Media East and West, Kagan's Digital Household Summit and Digital Hollywood. A resident of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Mr. Perry earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree from the University of Iowa.

Presenting at this session:

James M. Trautman

Managing Director
Bortz Media & Sports Group, Inc.

Jim Trautman is Managing Director of Bortz Media & Sports Group, Inc. He has advised a wide range of media and telecommunications industry clients over a period of nearly two decades, specializing in business and strategic planning for both new and established ventures and in market assessment of new technologies and technology-based products and services.

Examples of recent project assignments include:

  • Advising numerous clients (including the Association of Public Television Stations, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a major commercial network and several individual stations) regarding digital television issues, including programming and revenue models, cost modeling, cable distribution and related new media initiatives.
  • As a Director and co-founder of the Competitive Strategies Group (CSG), assisting major cable television multiple system operators in evaluating and monitoring both the overall and market specific competitive implications of alternative video/broadband distributors including DBS operators, broadband service providers (BSPs), and DSL/VDSL providers.
  • Preparation of business and/or strategic plans, valuation assistance and implementation support for more than 40 start-up and existing cable programming operations.
  • Internet and interactive service strategic and business plan development and modeling for several content companies.
Recent clients have included APTS, CBS, CPB, Cox Communications, Comcast Communications, CTAM, ESPN, Landmark Broadcasting, National Public Radio, PBS, WETA and WFYI.

Mr. Trautman has an MBA (Finance) from the University of Colorado and a BS in Economics from Claremont McKenna College. He has been a speaker at numerous media industry events/conferences and company board retreats.

Presenting at these sessions:

Jay C. Adrick

Jay C. Adrick Vice President-Strategic Business Development
Harris Corporation, Broadcast Communications

A 38-year veteran of the broadcast industry, Jay Adrick is a leader in the design and integration of digital broadcasting systems. With a focus on both standard and high definition systems, he headed the team that put the United States’ first all-digital serial component television network, The Golf Channel, on the air in 1995. Since then, he has been involved in major digital systems projects for the Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Allbritton Communications, and other broadcast leaders. Beginning in 1997, Jay led the engineering team that developed the Harris/PBS DTV Express. This traveling DTV station was the training platform used to teach many of the US television engineers and managers about the technical issues and business opportunities brought by this new technology.

In Addition, he has been instrumental in the development of DTV products and systems including the Harris FlexiCoderTM family of MPEG-2 encoding systems, the MonitorPlus TM DTV monitoring system and MasterPlus TM, the complete HD master control system in a box.

In Mr. Adrick’s current position at Harris, he plays an instrumental role in the development and strategic planning of solutions that address the emerging needs of the broadcast industry. This includes solutions for station consolidation, centralized operations, centralized monitoring, control and management of broadcast facilities and the networked interconnection of broadcast equipment.

In addition to his Harris duties, Jay serves as a member of the board of directors and Vice Chairman of the Advanced Television Systems Committee, which is the standards organization for the North American digital television standard. He is also a board member of the ATSC Forum, the organization that serves to promote and educate potential adopters of the ATSC digital television standard outside of the US.

A member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, he has authored and presented a large number of technical papers and chaired various technical presentations. Prior to joining Harris, he was a professor of Communications at Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio) for eight years and also taught broadcasting courses at the University of Cincinnati. While at Xavier, he served as the director of radio and television and was a founder of public radio station WVXU-FM.

Mr. Adrick holds a Bachelor of Science degree in communication arts and a Masters degree in educational communications from Xavier University.

Presenting at this session:

Joe Zuba

Joe Zuba Regional Manager
Dielectric Communications

Joe began his career in 1980 as an antenna design engineer for RCA antennas, after graduating from Penn State with an EE degree. With the acquisition of the RCA antenna business by Dielectric in 1986, Joe was promoted to Antenna Product Manager and served in this capacity until 1989. From 1989 to 1995 Joe was the Director of Sales and Marketing at Dielectric’s main plant in Raymond, Maine.

In 1995 Joe relocated to Sewell, NJ (outside Philadelphia) and took on the northern/northeastern third of the U.S. as Regional Manager.

In addition to earning his MBA from Rutgers University, Joe has been a featured speaker on antenna systems design, transmission lines, and filter technology at regional and national SBE conferences.

Presenting at this session:

John Wadle

John Wadle Vice President of Product Management for Automation
Odetics Broadcast

John Wadle began his career in 1969 as a software engineer with Bolt, Beranek & Newman (BBN). In 1975, after six years in general software development, he co-founded Federal Systems Associates to provide system design and development for federal government agencies in the Washington DC area. In 1986, John began a transition into broadcast automation applications, and in 1987 founded ICA systems Group with partner Frank Ivan. ICA developed systems for master control automation and news production automation, and in 1995 ICA was acquired by Columbine JDS Systems (CJDS). following the merger of CJDS, Drake Automation, and Entrprise Systems as Encoda Systems in 2000,John was named VP of Software Engineering for Encoda's Automation Division.

In 2002, John joined Odetics Broadcast as VP of Product Management for Automation.

John Wadle is a member of SMPTE, and ACM, and holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Northeastern University in Boston.

Presenting at this session:

Jonathan Tyman

Jonathan Tyman Manager, Digital Video
University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID)

Jonathan Tyman serves Internet2 as manager for digital video initiatives. He has a background in higher education as well as considerable experience in video production, having taught courses in filmmaking and mass media at the University of Michigan for eight years. He spent ten years as a video producer and consultant for the automotive industry with a focus on globalization issues involving multi-lingual and cross-cultural video communications.

He is now exploring such advanced networking applications as video-on-demand, voice over IP, growing use of H.323 and other collaboration tools that bring academic communities together and enable research to take place in virtual space.

Jonathan received his Ph.D. in American Culture and his M.A. in Telecommunication Arts from the University of Michigan and his B.A. from St. John’s College in Santa Fe.

Presenting at these sessions:

Kenneth D. Salomon

Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, PLLC

Kenneth Salomon is a Member of Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, PLLC where he specializes in government relations and issues involving distributed learning. He joined DL&A in 1980. From 1978-1980, Mr. Salomon was Deputy Chief Counsel of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the President’s principal advisor on telecommunications and information policy. Mr. Salomon held several legal positions at the Federal Communications Commission between 1970-1972 and 1975-1978. From 1972-1975, Mr. Salomon was an associate in the Washington office of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey.

Presenting at this session:

Kent Osbourne

South Dakota Public Television

Presenting at this session:

Kevin Yahl

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer
Digital One

Kevin Yahl, Co-Founder and CTO Digital 1: Mr. Yahl has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. Mr. Yahl was instrumental in the growth of the Midwest Football League by securing a broadcast contract with the then emerging Cable TV industry and taking the football league to a European tour funded by Budweiser in 1987.

Mr. Yahl was one of the original founders of the Arena Football League and helped in developing the funding to start the league. During his time with the Arena League, Mr. Yahl was responsible for all licensed product development, team equipment and venue technical aspects. In addition, in 1983, he started one of the first computerized embroidery businesses in the Midwest, securing contracts with the NFL for licensed products.

During the early eighties, Mr. Yahl started to become more involved in the emerging cable television market and started producing shows for local and regional distribution. Doug Buffone, formerly of the Chicago Bears, and Mr. Yahl started their own production company in 1987. They produced various shows on radio and TV from an in-house production facility at a sports entertainment restaurant they owned. The shows included a game show for Chrysler Motors, The Neal Anderson Show for WBBM-AM, The Mike Ditka Show for WSCR-AM, The Doug Buffone Show for Sports Channel and Fox Sports Net and Tee it Up Golf Television, a nationally syndicated program by Mr. Yahl and Anthony Flores, V.P. of Production for Digital 1. In 1988 Kevin was inducted into the National Semi-Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Mr. Yahl started Digital 1( with Buffone and Richard Andrew, grandson of broadcast pioneer Dr. Victor J. Andrew, in the late 90’s. Digital 1 develops broadcast quality solutions and systems for the IP protocol market.

Presenting at this session:

Kristin Mellinger

Project Manager
NPR Content Depot

Kristin Mellinger is the ContentDepot Project Manager for NPR Distribution. The goal of the ContentDepot, a new service model for program delivery, is to make the best use of current satellite capabilities and other emerging technologies so that public radio stations and program producers can improve and expand their services to listeners. The concept for the ContentDepot includes uploading and management of programs and metadata using web-based tools, store-and-forward as well as real-time program delivery, reporting on use of programs by stations, and more.

Prior to joining National Public Radio, Kristin worked at MEI Software Systems, the American Diabetes Association, and the International Solar Energy Society. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Journalism from the University of Delaware.

Presenting at this session:

Kurt Schini

National Sales Manager Convergent Systems

Kurt Schini has been involved in the broadcast /video business for 10 years. Professional experience includes newsroom and master control automation, video enhancement, HD upconversion, enterprise storage and encoding. Today he proudly represents Harmonic encoding products for the upper Midwest and Canada.

Presenting at this session:

Mary Halnon

Director of TeacherSource
PBS Interactive

Mary Halnon is the Director of TeacherSource at the Public Broadcasting Service. During her four years at PBS, Halnon has led the development of PBS TeacherSource,'s main area for K-12 teachers. In that capacity, she works with PBS stations and producers to develop high-quality, online curricular content and services for educators. Halnon also supports the system's overall digital content planning through research and pilot work specific to K-12 education and next-generation digital delivery of content to the classroom. Prior to PBS, Halnon worked as a high school educator in the public schools of Virginia. She holds undergraduate degrees in English and Biology from the College of William and Mary, and an M.A. in American Studies from UVA.

Presenting at this session:

Maryann Schulze

Maryann Schulze Director
Magid Media Futures

Maryann Schulze joined Frank N. Magid Associates in August of 1998 as director of Magid Media Futures. Media Futures is a strategic consultation service designed to assist media organizations in the development of sound competitive revenue, content, marketing, and organizational plans for the emerging media landscape. The program offers access to both timely market data and the broad range of Magid expertise in traditional media, as well as Internet, digital TV and other emerging new media platforms. Prior to FNMA, Maryann held a variety of management and development positions at Tribune Broadcasting, Publishing and the corporate offices. She was also Director of Station Relations at Paramount Domestic Television, seminar manager for PROMAX and held program and promotion assistant and management positions at WLUK-TV, Green Bay and WOKR-TV, Rochester, NY. She has a degree in Radio/TV Communications from Ithaca College.

Presenting at this session:

Michael Connet

Michael Connet Director of Business Development

Michael Connet is Director of Business Development for onCourse, headquartered in Washington, DC.

At onCourse, Michael is responsible for leading the organizations’ efforts to develop strategic partnerships for its educational services while helping to define the next generation of educational public telecommunications offerings. onCourse is a digital education service being built by the nations public television stations to serve teachers, parents, classroom students and lifelong learners.

Before joining onCourse, Michael served as the Director of Innovation for the Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) and as Vice President of Education at Kansas City Public Television (KCPT) beginning in 1993, and in early 2000, he was named Senior Analyst, Strategic Planning/Next Media. Prior to his public television experience Michael spent twelve years as a teacher and administrator in higher education. His management positions included serving as the Director of Educational Technology at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids Iowa, Manager of Distance Learning at Greenville Technical College in South Carolina and as Coordinator of Instructional Support at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Michael is married and has one son. He is an avid baseball enthusiast and enjoys hot dogs and opera.

Presenting at this session:

Michelle Halsell

Co-founder and CEO
Missing Pixel

Michelle Halsell is the CEO and a Co-Founder of Missing Pixel. A producer and a filmmaker, Michelle brings ten years of experience building teams and leading projects in exploring new technologies and interactive story telling.

Michelle has created projects for ITVS, PBS, and the Corporation of Public Broadcasting. In addition, she has also worked on projects funded by N.E.H., N.S.F., and the U.S. Department of Education. Her on-going collaborations with award-winning filmmakers over the years has led to the development of web sites, CD-ROMS, DVDs, and digital video projects.

Through Missing Pixel, Michelle continues her goals to create media that reflects diversity and innovation. She is equally committed to developing new audiences and confronting issues of accessibility at all points in the production process.

Michelle has a Masters degree from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

Presenting at this session:

Mike Kern

Interactive Media Specialist
Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

Mike Kern is an Interactive Media Specialist for the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board (ECB). His work includes Web and other interactive media projects developed by ECB along with researching new learning technologies. He recently received a master's in educational technology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Presenting at this session:

Mike Pecoraro

applications Engineering Manager for Interface and INfrastructure Products

Mike Pecoraro, Applications Engineering Manager for Interface and Infrastructure Products has been in the Broadcast industry for over 25 years. He begain his career as an engineer with WFYI the PBS affiliate in Indianapolis. Mike has held sales and sales management positions with AMPEX and Philips both in the US as well as internationally and has had Marketing responsibility at Panasonic and JVC.

Presenting at this session:

Mike Zeller

Executive Director of Chalkwaves & KCPT Long-Range Strategy
KCPT, Kansas City

Michael Zeller serves as Executive Director of ChalkWaves, a K-12 instructional media service among KCPT--Kansas City, SHPTV--Bunker Hill KS, WSIU--Carbondale Ill. and now KMOS--Warrensberg MO. ChalkWaves provides instructional media, teacher professional development and online resources to approximately 240 school districts across the region. In a previous assignment at KCPT, Michael led the station's successful effort to establish KC REACHE, a distance learning alliance of 11 colleges and KCPT serving 10,000 online students across the Kansas City region. Michael also serves as Executive Director for Long-Range Planning for KCPT.

Michael's background includes a geography instructorship at the University of Missouri, Columbia and development and execution of a series of business negotiation courses for BMW, Munich Germany. Michael holds a BA in Education and an MA in Economic Geography--both from the University of Missouri.

Michael believes this is an exciting time to be at the intersection of education and telecommunications, and, while he doesn't see technology as the solution for every classroom challenge, it does hold an enormous promise of engaging students in new and more individual ways, further enabling them to follow their natural curiosity.

Presenting at this session:

Phil Livingston

Phil Livingston Panasonic

Phil Livingston began his four-decade long career in broadcast at WVOS, WVIP, and WOKR-TV. He worked in Instructional Television in Rochester NY, and also served at the State University of New York for ten years as Associate Director for Instructional Resources. Phil was with Panasonic Broadcast for more than 20 years, and held numerous technical positions there – most recently Vice President for Technical Liaison. A year ago he joined the system engineering and integration company Azcar, USA (formerly IMMAD ECVS) as VP for Technology, but he recently re-joined Panasonic in his former role.

He’s a member of SMPTE, and chaired the Committee on Television Production Technology (P-18) for 2 years. He has written numerous white papers and articles, and given presentations throughout the U.S. and abroad on emerging technology. He attended Union College in Schenectady, New York, and the Millbrook School.

Presenting at this session:

Phillip Swann

Phillip Swann President and Publisher

Mr. Swann is the president and publisher of, the only web site that provides daily coverage of issues related to the future of TV. He is also the author of "TV dot Com: The Future of Interactive Television," and the author of "The New Television," a weekly column for Electronic Media magazine.

Swann is the founder of TV Online Magazine, the nation's first magazine on Interactive TV, and he has been a featured speaker at numerous television industry conferences. He was the keynote speaker at Scientific-Atlanta's 2001 Interactive TV Developers Conference, the co-chairman of the Access Interactive TV 2002 Conference and he has been a guest expert on many TV and radio shows, including the NBC Nightly News With Tom Brokaw, CNN, Tech TV, CNET TV and Donahue.

Mr. Swann has been quoted on TV issues in dozens of publications, including The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, Wired News, The Los Angeles Daily News, Electronic Media, Cable World, The Associated Press, The and the Digital Coast Reporter.

His bylined articles on television have been featured in a variety of publications, including The New York Times, Emmy Magazine, Satellite DIRECT, Cable World and Vision Magazine. He has also conducted a number of interviews with TV celebrities, including Howard Stern, Lorne Michaels, Bill Maher, Daisy Fuentes, Dyan Cannon and baseball's Pete Rose.

Presenting at this session:

Ralph Justus

Ralph Justus Vice President, Technology & Standards, Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
Consumer Electronics Association

In 1999, Mr. Justus became the Vice President of the CEA Technology & Standards Department, where he guides the domestic and international technology policy and standards development activities of the association as well as managing and overseeing a broad range of technology programs, government regulatory initiatives and research issues related to the consumer electronics industry.

Mr. Justus joined the CEA in February, 1991, as Director of Engineering, working on issues of radio and television system designs and performance, high definition television, digital radio systems, TV antennas, audio technologies, regulatory activities before the FCC, and consumer electronics/cable television compatibility.

Previously, he was Director of Engineering, Regulatory and International Affairs for the National Association of Broadcasters. There he worked on issues involving broadcast radio and television technologies, auxiliary and satellite systems, spectrum management, proceedings at federal agencies including the Federal Communications Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Aviation Administration, the Department of State, and participation in the International Telecommunication Union.

Until 1983, Mr. Justus was Supervisory Electronics Engineer of the Federal Communications Commission's Television Branch, and was a staff engineer in its AM and FM Branches.

Mr. Justus holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, and is a member of the following professional organizations: the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers; the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers' Consumer Electronics Society, Electromagnetic Compatibility Society, and is a past President of the Broadcast Technology Society; the Audio Engineering Society; the U.S. National Committee of the ITU-Radiocommunication Sector; the U.S. National Committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission; and an associate member of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers. He currently chairs the Advanced Television System Committee’s T3 Committee on Distribution and is on the Board of Directors of the DTV Station Project.

He, his wife Patricia Donnelly and son Charles reside in Bethesda, Maryland. His leisure activities include golf, sailing, snorkel diving, reading and playing drums.

Presenting at this session:

Ray Baldock

Ray Baldock Director of Technology, Standards and Applications
Thomson-Grass Valley

Ray Baldock is responsible for technology strategies across all Thomson Grass Valley's product lines. His groups drives application development common to the companies different products and also represents the company in standards activities. He also plays a key role in strategic planning for the company. He previously managed product marketing for the Grass Valley Group/

Ray began his career as an engineer at Channel 10 in Melbourne, Australia before moving to the United Kingdom as a field engineer with RCA. With nearly25 years in the industry, Baldock has also held key engineering, product development, and marketing roles with RCA, Sony, and Odetics.

He has been involved extensively in the development of television automation and robotic video library systems and has brought a variety of such systems to market. His experience includes design and the development of both C format and cassette-based VTR's and was instrumental in the development and introduction of the first computer-based cart machines, including Sony's Betacart and LMS product lines along with their integration with automation systems. Later with Odetics, he guided the first integration of video servers with cart machines using them as a cache for multi-channel spot replay.

Mr. Baldock was educated in Australia graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1978. He is a member of SMPTE, has served on several industry standards committees and is active in the Professional MPEG forum examining interoperability and networking issues. He holds one US patent and is the author of numberous technical papers.

Presenting at this session:

Richard Schwartz

Richard Schwartz Senior Marketing Manager
Axcera's Broadcast Systems

Richard Schwartz is the Senior Marketing Manager for Axcera’s Broadcast Systems Division.

Richard has been employed in the RF industry for over twelve years in various capacities, from technical support to engineering, sales, marketing and management. After holding the position of Electrical Engineer with Nurad, a Baltimore-based manufacturer of military antennas and communications equipment, he joined ITS Corporation in 1991. Here he has held positions of Sales Engineer, Sales Manager and most recently Senior Marketing Manager for the Broadcast Systems Division. ITS is now Axcera, offering complete RF solutions to the broadcast industry in the digital access era.

Richard holds undergraduate Bachelor’s degrees in both Electrical Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering, as well as a Master of Business Administration.

Presenting at this session:

Robert Long

Robert Long CTO & Director of iNEWS Product Marketing
Avid Technology, Inc.

A 13-year veteran of the broadcast news technology industry, Robert M. Long is the CTO and director of the iNEWS product marketing division with Avid Technology, Inc. Current responsibilities include product development strategy for the Company's international newsroom automation business, driving integration strategies and leading task forces at major customer sites including CNN, NBC, and Fox. Previously the Vice President and General Manager of Tektronix, Inc.’s NewStar Products division, Long led NewStar’s successful business merger with AvidNews to form Avstar Systems LLC. Prior to his positions with Tektronix and Avid, Long was president of Dynatech NewStar. He holds a MS in Computer Engineering and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Presenting at this session:

Smokey Forester

Smokey Forester Project Director/Executve Producer
Science Bulletins, American Museum of Natural History

Presenting at these sessions:

Steve Bliek

Steve Bliek Broadcast Sales Manager
Northrop Grumman Electron Devices

Steve Bliek is the Broadcast Sales Manager for Northrop Grumman Electron Devices in Williamsport, PA, where he has been employed since 1990. He is a former VHF TV site engineer and has also served as the chief engineer during the development of the pay-per-view CATV concept.

His background includes a brief career in Electro-Optics Engineering through education received at Oxford University, England. Steve was involved in particle beam and rail gun weapons research for the US Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and later became an applications engineer for EEV. In addition to his engineering studies, Steve has earned his Masters degree in Business Management through LaSalle University.

Presenting at this session:

Steve Lampen

Technology Specialist, Multimedia Products

Steve Lampen is technology Specialist, Multimedia Products for Belden Electronics Division. He has worked for Belden for eleven years. Prior to Belden, Steve had an extensive career in radio broadcast engineering and installation, film production, and electronic distribution. Steve holds an FCC Lifetime General License (formerly a First Class FCC License) and si an SBE Certified Radio Broadcast Engineer. On the data side he is a BICSI Registered Communication Distribution Designer. Hislatest book, "The Audio-Video Cable Installer's Pocket Guide" is published by McGraw-Hill. His column "Wired for Sound" appears monthly in Radio World Magazine.

Presenting at this session:

To Be Determined


To Be Determined


Trisha Creekmore

Editorial Director
PBS Interactive

Trisha Creekmore is editorial director of, the award-winning Web site of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Trisha is responsible for managing editorial workflow, as well as planning and upholding the editorial mission of the dynamic, local/national Internet publishing framework, which includes Web sites produced by more than 400 independent and station-based producers.

Before joining PBS, Trisha served as an interactive executive producer with Discovery Communications’ Her background also includes a broad range of editorial positions with such organizations as, the Web-based magazine Charged, New Jersey Online, California Builder magazine and Fodor’s The Berkeley Guides, among others. Trisha holds a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and a B.A. from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Presenting at this session:

W. Gordon Gummelt

W. Gordon Gummelt Director of Engineering
Thales Broadcast & Multimedia, Inc.

Gordon Gummelt is the Director of Engineering for Thales Broadcast & Multimedia. Gordon reports to the Vice President of Engineering, and is located in Southwick, MA. He has been with the organization since 1987. During his tenure, he has served in various positions, including Field Engineer, Applications Engineer, Applications Engineering Supervisor, Manager of Systems Engineering and Director of Systems Engineering. He has serviced broadcast transmitters for Thales on four continents. Gordon was awarded an Emmy certificate from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 1990 for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development as part of the team that developed the KlystrodeTM Tube and Transmitter.

Just previous to his current position, Gordon served as the Director of Product Management for all tube-based products. Gordon continues to serve this function in his current capacity.

Gordon's main areas of responsibility include overseeing and directing the activities of the engineering research and development group, and the development of products related to high-power UHF transmitters. He also directs the Systems Engineering Group, which includes RF Component Development and Special Applications Engineering.

Before joining Thales, Gordon served as a Field Operations Supervisor for Harrison Systems Ltd., Landover, MD, in 1981-82 and also in 1984-87. This company designed, built and installed video/audio production facilities and broadcast transmitter facilities during the 1980s. He also served as the Chief Engineer for WDCU-FM, Washington, D.C in 1983. He received an Associate of Applied Science in Broadcast Engineering from Northern Virginia Community College in 1981.

Walter Mamak

Walter Mamak Product Engineering Manager
Andrew Broadcast Systems

Walter Mamak has a distinguished twenty-four year career in the engineering and management of the Engineering, Manufacturing, Program Management, Customer Service and Production Planning/ Scheduling departments. He has directed projects in engineering, manufacturing and holds a patent for a unique broadcast antenna/ structural application . He is currently the Product Engineering Manager for the broadcast antenna division and was instrumental in establishing a field service technical support department at Andrew Corporation. Walter received an MBA with Distinction from Keller Graduate School of Management, has a BS in Civil Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer.

Presenting at this session:


Alison White - Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Amy S. Shaw - WSIU-TV
B. Sean Fairburn, SOC - HD Cinematographer & Consultant
Bill Cohn - Tektronix Corporation
Bruce Johnson - Wisconsin Public Television
Bryan Scanlon - United Learning
Chris Rogers - Dielectric Communications
Cindy Johanson - PBS Interactive
Craig Beardsley - Sony Electronics, Inc
Dave Johnston - PBS
David MacCarn - WGBH
Donn Kelly - Best Buy Consumer Marketing
Doug Hinahara - Masstech Group Inc.
Doug Vernier - V-Soft Communications
Dr. Karen Billings - Education Division of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA)
Fred Baumgartner - AT&T Digital Media Centers
Fred M. Stefanik - Thales Broadcast & Multimedia, Inc.
Gerry Field - CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media
Grace Agnew - Rutgers Digital Library
Jack Perry - Decisionmark
James M. Trautman - Bortz Media & Sports Group, Inc.
Jay C. Adrick - Harris Corporation, Broadcast Communications
Joe Zuba - Dielectric Communications
John Wadle - Odetics Broadcast
Jonathan Tyman - University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID)
Kenneth D. Salomon - Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, PLLC
Kent Osbourne - South Dakota Public Television
Kevin Yahl - Digital One
Kristin Mellinger - NPR Content Depot
Kurt Schini - Harmonic
Mary Halnon - PBS Interactive
Maryann Schulze - Magid Media Futures
Michael Connet - onCourse
Michelle Halsell - Missing Pixel
Mike Kern - Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
Mike Pecoraro - Leitch
Mike Zeller - KCPT, Kansas City
Phil Livingston - Panasonic
Phillip Swann -
Ralph Justus - Consumer Electronics Association
Ray Baldock - Thomson-Grass Valley
Richard Schwartz - Axcera's Broadcast Systems
Robert Long - Avid Technology, Inc.
Smokey Forester - Science Bulletins, American Museum of Natural History
Steve Bliek - Northrop Grumman Electron Devices
Steve Lampen - Belden
To Be Determined - Harris
To Be Determined - CNN
Trisha Creekmore - PBS Interactive
W. Gordon Gummelt - Thales Broadcast & Multimedia, Inc.
Walter Mamak - Andrew Broadcast Systems

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