AMIA Mission

The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) is a non-profit professional association established to advance the field of moving image archiving by fostering cooperation among individuals and organizations concerned with the acquisition, description, preservation, exhibition and use of moving image materials. The specific objectives of the association are to:


n Provide a regular means of exchanging information, ideas and assistance.

n Take responsible positions on archival matters affecting moving images and related materials.

n Encourage public awareness of and interest in the preservation and use of moving images as an important educational, historical, and cultural resource.

n Promote moving image archival activities, including preservation, cataloging and documentation, and access, through such means as meetings, workshops, publications, and direct assistance.

n Support the education and professional development of moving image archivists.

n Develop and promote professional standards and practices for moving image archival materials.

n     Stimulate and facilitate research on archival matters affecting moving images.


AMIA Activities

AMIA is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, registered in California. It is governed by a board of seven directors elected by its members. As part of its activities, the association works to:


-       Publish AMIA’s journal The Moving Image, the quarterly AMIA Newsletter, and provide other publications and mailings to the moving image archive field.

-     Organize the annual AMIA Conference, which has assumed significance on the calendar of archive-related events.

-       Develop and promote standards in the field, especially in the areas of moving image preservation, cataloging, and access.

-       Manage AMIA-L, a listserv on the Internet which speaks to the special needs and interest of the field, as well as AMIA’s home page on the World Wide Web.

-       Develop and conduct workshops and help train moving image archivists.

-       Initiate and coordinate advanced technical symposia in both film and video preservation.

-       Honor the work of archivists. Each year AMIA bestows a Silver Light Award and Dan and Kathy Leab Award in recognition of career contributions to moving image archiving.

-       Sponsor special workshops, forums and symposia, as may be needed  or desirable for the field.

-          Establish and administer scholarship and internship programs to help foster the education and

        training of the next generation of moving image archivists.

-          Collaborate with other appropriate institutions and organizations to design, promote and implement

        national moving image preservation policies and plans.


AMIA Membership

AMIA Membership is open to any interested individual, institution, organization or corporation. Membership categories include: Student, Individual, Non-Profit Institutional, and For-Profit Institutional. Subscriptions to the AMIA Newsletter are available to libraries. Memberships are on a calendar year basis (January-December). For more information on membership contact the AMIA Office or visit the AMIA website: 1313 North Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028; Phone: 323-463-1500; Fax: 323-463-1506;  Email: amia@amianet.org Membership application forms may be downloaded from the AMIA website: www.amianet.org  Members receive AMIA’s semi-annual journal The Moving Image, the quarterly AMIA Newsletter,  the annual AMIA Membership Directory, other special mailings, discounted registration fees for the AMIA annual conference,  and the privilege of being affiliated with the foremost international professional association for moving image archivists.  Individual Members (including Student and Lifetime members) are entitled to vote, hold elective office or appointed position, and participate in all AMIA activities. Any number of individuals from the same institution are permitted to join. Institutional members are permitted to register one representative at the member’s rate for the annual conference and are listed on AMIA’s website.




Association of Moving Image Archivists


2004 AMIA Member Application Form:


The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) invites you to become a part of the community of archivists, scholars and concerned supporters of moving image preservation. To join AMIA for calendar year 2003, simply complete this membership form and send it with your dues to AMIA at the address below.


Name (contact person): ___________________________________________________________________________________


Institution: ________________________________________________________________________________________________


Address:  _________________________________________________________________________________________________


City:         ______________________________________           State/Province:   ____________________________________


Country:   ___________________________________________________                         Zip/Postal Code:  ___________________


The above address is:            o   Business address                o   Home address


Work phone:  _______________________________                   Home phone:   _____________________________________


Fax:               _______________________________                           E-mail:             _____________________________________



Memberships are on a calendar year basis (January 1 to December 31) and are open to any interested individual, institution, organization or corporation. Members will receive the AMIA Newsletter; the AMIA Journal The Moving Image; invitations to all AMIA meetings and events; discounted registration fees for AMIA annual conferences (one per institutional membership); and, the benefit of being affiliated with the largest professional association of moving image archivists in the world. Individual Members are entitled to vote, hold elective office or appointive position, and participate in all AMIA activities. Note: Home phone numbers are not published in the AMIA Membership Directory unless they are also work numbers and indicated as such.


        o     Individual Member $75                                               o          Non-Profit Institutional Member $250

              o     AMIA Newsletter subscription $50 (libraries only)  o     For-Profit Institutional Member  $500

        o     Student $35 (with photocopy of a valid student identification card – both sides)


     Method of payment: o Check or money order enclosed, payable (US Dollars only) to "AMIA"

                                   o VISA          o Mastercard          o Discover  o AMEX


     Credit Card Number:  ______________________________________       Expiration Date:  ______________________


     Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


If you are interested in working on one of AMIA's Committees of the Membership, please check the appropriate space below. (Checking a committee indicates an expression of interest and does not automatically place you on the committee.)


o Preservation                o  Cataloging & Documentation                o  Access


Mail this form and dues payment (US Dollars) to AMIA at the address below.


Association of Moving Image Archivists

1313 North Vine Street    Hollywood, California 90028    Phone: 323-463-1500    Fax: 323-463-1506     Email: amia@amianet.org