PBS’ Foray into
On-Demand Television
VOD and DVR Overview


Why is On-Demand Important for Public Television?

What is On-Demand?

PBS On-Demand Strategy:

The On-Demand Market

VOD Market

VOD Market: Projections

PBS VOD Strategy: Why now?

PBS’ VOD Strategy:
PBS KIDS Offering

PBS VOD Strategy:
InDemand vs TVN

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PBS VOD Strategy:
Status/Early Results

The DVR Market

DVR changes everything

DVR is changing viewing habits

PBS Early DVR Testing (August 2002)

PBS Working with TiVo

PBS Working with TiVo

PBS Promotions on TiVo

TiVo Research Goals

What We Measured

Evaluating Promotion

Showcase Results

Showcase Results

Programs with NO promotion

iPreview results

Conclusion: Time Shifting

Conclusion: Showcase Promotion

Conclusion: Tivo v. Nielsen

Tivo -Would we do it again?

PBS Contacts