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NAB 2003 Press Conference

Current trend is from ENG to ING*

The Obvious Solution: Disc

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New Blu-ray Disk Media

Acquisition Issues With Blue Laser Pro Disc

Hard Disk Drive Issues

Consumer memory Camcorder

SD is an Open Standard Developed by 3C

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Key Advantages of SD

IDC 2003 Memory Card Forecast by Format

P2 Card

The SD Memory Card Revolution

SD Card Environmental Reliability

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The Conclusion

New ING System Requirements

DV Compatible Editing Systems

Development Input From End Users..

"New Developments in Acquisition"

Current News Environment

Economic Model

Broadcast Station ENG Survey Summary


Panasonic s ING system

Features of the P2 Card

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P2 Camera Features

P2 Camera Features

Operational functions

P2 Camera Features

Non-linear editing with P2 cam

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P2 Camera Features

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P2 Deck Features

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P2 Drive - Internal or External Connection

New ING System Workflow

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