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Iowa DTV Symposium 2004 - Des Monies Mariott - October 5, 6, and 7 2004 Presentations
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The DTV Transition: A Washington Update

The original 2006 date for transition from analog to digital television appears to be all but an elusive shadow. Despite the efforts of the Powell FCC we are still very far away from the Congressional 85 percent requirement. Moreover, there is doubt that there is the political will to simply turn analog off for the 15 percent of the TV households that would be left in the cold. What is the state of the transition, what has the FCC done or threaten to do to advance transition? This presentation examines such efforts as the "Feree Plan," the DTV tuner appeals decision, the Broadcast Flag, the pressure of Homeland Security and First Responders, and the revised deadlines recently imposed by the FCC in its Second Periodic DTV Review.

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Iowa DTV Symposium 2004 Des Monies Marriott