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Iowa DTV Symposium 2004 - Des Monies Mariott - October 5, 6, and 7 2004 Presentations
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What Kids Learn That's POSITIVE from Playing Video Games Quite a Bit, As It Turns Out...

Our kids are learning enormous amounts from the computer and videogames they play - learning that, to their enormous frustration, typically goes unrecognized and unrewarded by their teachers, parents, and certainly employers. Prensky describes and explains the many different types of learning that games produce, in areas from ethics, to strategy, to deductive reasoning and more, almost all of which, according to researchers, is extremely helpful for many areas of the players' mental development. Additionally, Prensky shows how more and more of the school curriculum is making its way into games that kids actually want to play, illustrating how games are currently being employed for learning in advanced schools, companies and the military. Prensky's talk emphasizes the need for improved dialog between kids, parents and teachers about games, and he offers many useful suggestions for how this can happen. Parents in the audience will find this topic particularly instructive and enlightening.

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