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Iowa DTV Symposium 2004 - Des Monies Mariott - October 5, 6, and 7 2004 Presentations
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Consumer Trends in the Marketplace

Phillip Swann, president of TV & onHD.TV Will HDTV Have a Tipping Point? As High-Definition TV continues its slow but sure climb, industry observers wonder if one event could trigger a big spurt in sales. This presentation will examine several possibilities for tipping points that might put HDTV on the fast track.

Maryann Baldwin, Executive Director, Magid Media Futures will present Frank N. Magid Associates latest findings regarding the digital television landscape - Who's using video on demand? Where do consumers stand on intentions to purchase HD sets and arrange for HD program reception? What's the impact of DVR's on household TV viewing so far? In an increasingly diverse video environment, how is the consumer dealing with it all? And what is a broadcaster to do? A few simple steps taken today can help keep video brands relevant as the video evolution continues.

Dave Cechota, Director of Data Product Development at Decisionmark Corp., will share the most accurate digital and HD television transition progress report on the market as well as the biggest announcement for DTV/HDTV consumer education to date. Broadcasters play a major role in educating consumers about the benefits of DTV/HDTV and Decisionmark technology is rising to the occasion on October 4th to provide a cross-industry, cross-network collaborative solution to take consumers from couch to PC and on to the CE retailer.

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Iowa DTV Symposium 2004 Des Monies Marriott