Hotel Fort Des Moines Iowa DTV Symposium 2005

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Wednesday, October 5 - 8:00 AM
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Panasonic's introduction of P2 was interesting from many perspectives, but two of the more noteworthy were the decision not to introduce a companion editing system, but rather to announce an effort to partner with existing systems, and to promote the fact that the P2 cards were HD ready and that HD products would follow shortly. These two threads align because, while the original partners supporting P2 were only 4 (Avid, Quantel, Pinnacle and Grass Valley), their ranks have grown to 15, and, as Panasonic announces an HD / SD P2 camcorder "family," many of them have announced synchronized release of NLE support for P2 DVCPRO HD.

This presentation will discuss the unique attributes of P2 acquisition, the inherent advantages of memory-based storage, why it integrates into editing systems easily, how HD "fits" into P2, and why the MXF O.P. Atom structure makes all this possible. In a word, it's all about workflow.



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