Hotel Fort Des Moines Iowa DTV Symposium 2005

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Wednesday, October 5 - 3:30 PM
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Since the first newsroom computer system, Basys, was introduced more than 20 years ago, broadcasters have witnessed an evolution from wire reading, scriptwriting and story assignments, to the addition of prompting and device triggering, to IT solutions that improve multi-station operations and technology administration. Though each of these iterations has been designed to add capability and control to the evolving and eventually digital newsroom, the features available to the key users-television news journalists-have retained their text-based origins.

In addition, new business realities have led to increasing workloads for newsroom staff, the result of a multi-year trend including the addition of multiple newscasts, more stories, and increased creative responsibilities. Newsroom computer systems have not risen to the challenge of incorporating digital video into the journalists skill set, nor provided the productivity boost required to address added editorial requirements-until now.

This paper represents the introduction of the Avid iNEWS Instinct system into the journalists' toolkit, a groundbreaking application that promises to change the productivity of the newsroom while blending seamlessly with the way journalists work today.



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