Hotel Fort Des Moines Iowa DTV Symposium 2005

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Thursday, October 6 - 11:15 AM
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Rohde & Schwarz and Samsung have entered into a Collaborative Research Agreement to bring enhancements to ATSC 8VSB. Samsung's expertise in Receiver design and Consumer Electronics along with Rohde & Schwarz's experience in Transmitters and Test & Measurement is very complimentary, and offers us a unique total system perspective.

We have identified what we believed are basic "Strengths" of ATSC 8VSB standard provided the right "hooks" are put in place. We looked for ways to leverage these attributes, and affect change at the most fundamental level possible, and in a backwardly compatible manner. We believe a few small changes directed at core ATSC 8VSB fundamental operating principles can un-lock huge new potential benefits for broadcasters.

A substantial improvement in ATSC receiver performance is expected as are totally new modes of ATSC operation. These may enable broadcasters to envision new business models not possible heretofore. This paper will be an introduction to this encouraging research that may offer broadcasters opportunities in the near future.



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