Hotel Fort Des Moines Iowa DTV Symposium 2005

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Wednesday, October 5 - 1:00 PM
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Is there a way to use DTV bandwidth to leverage the creation of more local "mission" content using someone else's money? TPT may be on the verge of achieving this?

On September 16th Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) formally launched the DTV version of its new "Minnesota Channel" program service. While the service will include the normal archival documentaries and special programs from the archives of TPT and nearby PTV stations&the content (and financial) back-bone of the service is a group of several dozen "production/broadcast" partnerships with Minnesota-based non-profits. During 2005 these partnerships generated more than a million dollars in new, outside money to support the creation of more than 150 separate programs representing a wide (read "bewildering") array of program type and production quality.

There's got to be a catch! (Right?) Bill Hanley and Tom Holter from TPT walk us through the deep and dark inner-workings of TPT's newest DTV "skunk-works" effort& The Minnesota Channel.



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