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2007 Brian Schwab Award Winner

Please join us in congratulating Paul Turner, Vice President of Product Marketing for Omneon .

In Loving Memory of Brian Schwab, Senior RF Engineer
Brian was deeply involved in the planning and implementation of our DTV transmission infrastructure. He also possessed a wealth of knowledge of our analog transmission systems. In my 20-plus years as an engineering manager, I can think of very few people that I have worked with or supervised that combined the level of expertise, work ethic and genuine dedication that Brian exhibited day in and day out. Yet with all his obvious talent and skill, he demonstrated a humble spirit and openness that made him a pleasure to work with and to be friends with. To honor Brian's contribution to IPTV and the DTV Symposium, we have created the Brian Schwab Award for the best technical paper presented at the DTV Symposium.
William T. Hayes
Director of Engineering & Technology

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