Media Literacy, Current Events & Debate Skills with Thinkalong

Thinkalong helps students to think critically about media messages, develop informed opinions, and practice how to take a stand.

Iowa Land and Sky

Iowa Land and Sky

Explore Iowa's geology, biodiversity and environmental issues from a different perspective.

American Masters

Explore American Writers, Artists and Performers with American Masters

Explore the contributions of American writers, artists and performers with American Masters education collections.

on my way cover

On My Way to K with PBS KIDS

We know that just before Kindergarten can be an exciting, yet anxious time for caregivers and children. This toolkit will help navigate the development skills needed for kindergarten readiness. The...

Peg + Cat Camp

Peg + Cat Camp

Peg + Cat Camp was originally designed for and by the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Camp was designed to last five half days, for a total of approximately 12.5 hours with...

memory pic

IPTV Memory Game

Use this template to print game cards for kids to play Memory with their favorite PBS Characters. (coming soon)

game board

IPTV Word Puzzle Game

Our IPTV Word Puzzle Game a is a great way for kids to match letters and spell words, old and new.

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Domino Activities for Children

Use our Do mino Activities cards as a way to play a variety of games, especially in regard to math. You can also print off the Domino Pages for advanced options.

The 50th Anniversary of the Tinker v. Des Moines Schools Decision

The 50th Anniversary of the Tinker v. Des Moines Schools Decision

Watch a live streaming presentation and discussion with Mary Beth and John Tinker as they reflect on their case and its impact.

girl painting

Storm Lake ETA Program Explores Science

Students at Storm Lake Elementary Tornado Academy explore science with The Cat in the Hat. Kids... paint... balls... ramps... laughter. What's going on at the Storm Lake Elementary Tornado Academy (...